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  1. Hola! Hasta ahora usaba sin problemas Snow Leopard con un portátil HP con una GeForce9200M GS con doble pantalla. Actualicé a Lion 7.0 y ahora me encuentro con un extraño efecto de video y una ralentiación al usar el mission control y el launchpad. Si uso nvinject consigo que funcione la pantalla dual por DVI pero obtengo ese extraño efecto de video y si uso nvenabler 64 me libro del efecto del video pero no me funciona la configuración dual. Os adjunto las dos configuraciones. A la izquierda con nvinject y a la derecha con nvenabler Cómo puedo conseguir la configuración dual con el nvenabler? Gracias por adelantado
  2. Hi osx86 guys! I used nvinject without problems in a dual screen environment with Snow Leopard and a Laptop with GeForce 9200M GS. I updated to Lion 7.0 and I found a weird video effect using mission control and launchpad, and takes too long to start. If I use nvinject I get dual screen working but i get this video weird effect and if I use nvenabler I get rid of the video effect but dual screen doesnt work, I post both configurations on my lion desktop. How can I use nvenabler and get dual screen? Thanks in advance LEFT: nvinject RIGHT: nvenabler64
  3. Hi jhanbero i have an hp laptop with similar configuration and i had the same problems as you. I get dual screen, wifi and sound working with ideneb 10.5. If you give me some e-mail i can send the kexts to you
  4. Efi strings are config parameters that are loaded when the system boots, may be strings for the graphic device (resolution) or the timeout that the bootloader waits for a response or the properties to set up the Ethernet device etc. I forgot to say you can manage them with the OSx86 tools with the button (Add EFI Strings / Boot Flag)
  5. Sticky Keyboard Problem

    Ha ha ha Funny joke lol
  6. Hi Wazzamad I have a dv5 laptop with Broadcom Wifi, I get the wifi working with the Broadcom driver from ideneb distro and this IO80211Family installed. Hope it helps IO80211Family.kext.zip
  7. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Hi all, first of all thanks to all for your help, this is my first post here so a little story about me... i have worked since 1986 with PC and Apple computers, since now i didn't care too much about working with pcs or macs but last week i bought an hp pavilion dv5-1132es, it came with Vista, i didn't care i thought because if i don't like it i can put XP, but i can't because XP doesn't support SATA drivers and HP doesn't support XP for my laptop. And... i hate Vista... is twice slower than XP. So i installed ideneb 10.5.5 and everything was fine, i patched the wi-fi and now works perfect, but sound doesn't work. These are the steps i took 1) I installed Azalea driver - no success My Chipset is nVidia 9200 M GS, Audio: Vendor 10DE Device 0003 Codec: Vendor 111D Device 76B2 2) I have edited the AppleHDA kext posted here and followed the steps posted here and the steps posted in Pin Config, which are 00a71c1f 00a71d10 00a71e21 00a71f02 00b71c20 00b71d10 00b71ea1 00b71f02 00c71cf0 00c71d00 00c71ef0 00c71f40 00d71c10 00d71d11 00d71e17 00d71f90 00e71c2e 00e71d10 00e71ea1 00e71f28 00f71cf2 00f71d00 00f71ef0 00f71f40 01471cf3 01471d00 01471ef0 01471f40 01871c70 01871d03 01871ea6 01871f90 01971cf5 01971d00 01971ef0 01971f40 01e71ca0 01e71d10 01e71e44 01e71f21 01f71cf5 01f71d00 01f71ef1 01f71f40 02071cf6 02071d00 02071ef1 02071f40 02771cf7 02771d00 02771ef0 02771f40 but not success, i get the device recognized in the Apple Profiler but not in the Sound Preference Pane, and i haven't got sound at all I post all the screen captures Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. I'm not gone, I'm sick

    Taruga ponte bien pronto... no te conozco pero siento mucho de verdad que estés enfermo. Se lo que es tener epilesia por un familiar.Taruga get well soon... i don't know you but i feel very sorry that you are sick. I know what epilepsia is by a relative.Luck!