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  1. Hi, I have installed some time ago 10.12 and it used to work relatively fine. I have recently read in this forum how extra clover boot entries in BIOS may create problems at boot and since I did not have a consistent bootup, I have followed the instructions but by mistake I have removed the entry for the actual EFI sierra boot and now there is no booting at all. I have installed on a USB flash the newest clover, it boots fine but I do not know what to do further or how to restore the hard drive EFI boot option. In all my searches about Clover re-installation it provides info on how to do it once booted in MAC. I can not reach Sierra to do it, when I turn the PC on, it detects no boot drive, unless I use the USB clover where there are no drives/entries there to boot to. Could anyone please give me some guidance on my problem?
  2. iPhone 4 at 4.3.2 (8H7)

    Asking for some advice please, I am confused about under what conditions an iPhone can and can not be unlocked or jailbrocken. I have this iPhone4 that was recently activated with Rogers by someone else and it is currently at version 4.3.2 (8H7), the model is MC605C and modem firmware is 04.10.01 I have bought it and followed the steps on iClarified "How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 Using PwnageTool (Mac) [4.3.2]" and after automatically creating the custom f/w and restore it via iTunes, the phone is working but with the sim card inserted, it is not recognized, it shows no provider, no tel number, nothing. If I restore it to factory, it works fine. I have tried twice to build custom f/w and no go with any of the versions. Can someone give me a hint or advice please on how to make this phone work with my own f/w so I would be able to use Cydia and other stuff?
  3. Thank you very, very, very much MaLd0n! It worked and now I am able to boot the same as before, no apparent problem, everything seems to work just fine! God bless that there are people like you around!
  4. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I can not boot in verbose or safe mode, or at least, I have no idea how to do it. I never messed around with boot/kernel files so I am not sure what I am doing... I have read some posts that with 10.6.2 update, MAC cut out some drivers so that Atom processors could be used. So further, I am guessing only that with 10.6.4 MAC cut out perhaps all CPU's support other that the ones they are using. If that is the case, what is the fix?
  5. Hello folks, My hackintosh: MB: P5B, dual core @3Ghz E6850, 4Gb Ram, nVidia GeForce 8600GT I have successfully installed 10.6. on my hackintosh using Psystar bootloader and original SL disk. Everything went fine, all things worked fine and installed tons of apps. I used it for about 4 months without problems and yesterday after upgrading to 10.6.4. I got the following screen over and over (see attached). Please help me out, I have no clue what to do or how to fix it. Thanks for reading this message.
  6. How to install OSx on Asus P5G43T MO

    All guides on the net for installing OsX on a PC points this forum for help... But since I get no reply it seems that my wish is impossible to achieve or simply the people who truly know this are not around.
  7. How to install OSx on Asus P5G43T MO

    nobody? Or I am so unlucky with this board? I tried to install it and unfortunately some sound, chipset, LANare not for my board. In fact I noticed that this board is not supported in iDeneb. Damn! What should I do? What else should I try? This board seems that it is rated pretty high in terms of features/price especially for a HTPC setup. I would hate to install windoze.
  8. Hello guys, I wish to install OSx 10.5 on the following hardware: MO uATX: Asus P5G43TT-M Pro, Intel G43 chipset, FSB 1333, DDR3, HDMI, DVI, 8ch audio/optical On-board video: Intel GMA X4500 CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.8Ghz RAM: DDR3 2Gb/1333MHz 1TB WD Green I will use this system as a HTPC to play HD movies, especially the MKV encoded. I have downloaded the OSx86 10.5.7 with iDeneb v1.5.1 but I am not sure how to start. Probably I will need to do some changes in the MO but have no clue what. Could anyone please give some directions please? Would I need some other drivers other than what is on the iDeneb DVD? Thank you!
  9. Thank you very much guys. Rod, you made a good point with AMD vs Intel so I would probably go with an Asus board and a dual core. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, I am seeking advice about more than installing and operating system and found this section more appropriately. Hopefully I am not that wrong... What is this about? I bought an AppleTV, hacked it, loaded tons of movies but I am a little disappointed in terms of hardware capabilities. I can not play MKV movies encoded in 720p or higher. I download 720p movies in MKV, then convert them to MV4 or MP4 to be able to play them on AppleTV but I found very difficult to add subtitles and not to mention that it is a lot of time consuming for conversion. Therefore, I am looking into building my own HTPC or PC/Media to be more capable and be able to play HD movies (720 and up) in MKV format. I am also looking into having the possibility to control it by remote. I already have a PC enclosure in a small format with 350W power supply. It fits a small format footprin MO (9.5x9.5") and found one with HDMI output, video card integrated and a good prcessor(AMD). Model number: ASUS M3A78-EM http://www.asus.com/Product.aspx?P_ID=KjpYqzmAd9vsTM2D I wish to ask your opinion and advice: - Should I go for it, buy it and install SL on it? - Or should I focus more on Intel based MB? (the intel based boards and CPU are more expenssive and my budget is tight). - I wish to add a dongle infrared that I have to be able to control for instance the VLC player by remote. Are the drivers accessible? Is it possible to easily achieve this? - I wish to add a bluetooth dongle that I have to be able to connect a mouse and keyboard. Do I need any special drivers for it or when installing the SL, these devices will be fond automatically and the drivers installed? - And again, is it possible to install on top of SL the AppleTV software or similar software, so I could enjoy the same features as I have now with AppleTV and make it easy for wife? Thank you.
  11. Hello, I have a problem from some time and have no clue how to fix it... From few months now, I run a PC (Intel Core Duo 3.6Ghz, 4Gb, NVidia) installed with OSX - iDeneb, currently updated at 10.5.7 and recently installed the second HP printer and when I try to run an application "HP Utility", only when this 2nd printer is plugged in, I receive an error: ________________________ "Application Launch Failure" The application could not be launched because of a shared library error: <HP Toolbox><CarbonLib><>" ________________________ The main problem is that with few other applications I get the same error when I try to run them, where "...shared library error: <Application name><CarbonLib><>" the location is specific for that application and on all has this <CarbonLib>. Could anyone advise please? How could I fix these errors and run the applications properly?
  12. Hello guys, This is what I have: Asus P5B motherboard with dual core at 3.8Ghz, 4GB Ram, 4 SATA drives (two hard drives and two CD/DVD drives). I have just installed OSX via iDeneb and I'm very happy with it, except one thing... I insert one DVD or CD in any of the CD/DVD drives and then it will not eject anymore with any method. If I insert another CD in the other drive, the first one it will eject but only after some time. It doesn't matter with which drive I start but it behaves the same. I can pull the CD out only if I forced to open the door or reboot the system. I pulled one CD/DVD out and tried with only one but it is the same. Does anyone have any suggestion what should I do, how to fix it please?