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  1. Hi Bronya, Where are your install instructions for installing on 10.5.6? A little direction would be good. I have x1950 Pro. Thanks
  2. Tried to run WOW but got a blue screen on game start. Only way to get out of it was to reboot. I figured it was something to do with OpenGL. I rebooted with -x -f and now I get blue screen on boot all the time. Only way to get around blue screen is to boot into safe mode. So... I removed all the kexts included in the 10.5.6 package from Bronya. This allowed me to boot normally but obviously with only 1024x768 resolution... basically back to where I was when I first installed Bronya's package. So... I used OSX86 tools to install Bronya's kexts. Rebooted but only to find blue screen again. Any suggestions? I've got the x1950 pro.
  3. Do you have the drivers for Radeon x1800? I have the 10.5.6 release installed but couldn't get any resolutions beyond 1024x768. I installed Natit however now I get the blue screen at boot with what looks like a high res mouse on the screen but it just hangs. Thanks
  4. [How To] Solutions for Video Problems

    Which driver to use for ATI Radeon x1800xl on Leopard 10.5.6?
  5. Hey Munky, I have Leopard 10.5.6 installed and my ATINDRV.kext file does not contain any references to either <string>IONDRVDevice</string> or <string>ATY,Wormy</string>. Any reason why that might be?
  6. I have that chipset as well and Leopard 10.5.6 installed from IPC. I can't get the card to work with the drivers from RALINK. Would you mind giving more information on what you did to get your card working. Thanks I have the rt2560F chipset in case you were wondering.
  7. OSX 10.5.1 ""WELCOME LOOP" Help

    This worked for me also. Now that i'm in how do i install drivers for sound and video and networking? Additionally, using the "-x" option is this only way i can boot. If I omit this I get stuck at a panic screen. So it seems I'm stuck in "safe mode". Help!