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  1. Hey guys just picked up a Aspire One 522 (The Dual core with the ATI HD6XXX on Chip) Wondering if anyone has attempted Hackintoshing one of these. Are netbooks limited to osx 10.5.x? I've never hackintoshed a laptop or a netbook let alone a AMD Equipped PC Is iAtkos S3 a good place to start?
  2. bjorn would you be able to.advise or screenshot all your bios settings and the.bios version ur board.is.on.. i still cant get past all the kernel panics even when.following ur guide step.by step:-) when i swap my board for a.gigabyte ex58 ud5 i can have a vanilla install running almost immediately.. but the gigabyte board.doesnt seem to like my oc settings the msi board seems rocl solid stable
  3. Ive given up trying to make my Eclipse SLI run with 10.6 its just gone ridiculous trying to get it to function.. Ive been the closest ive ever been with it.. but it decides to panic all the time... so ive put it on the back burner again..
  4. So I have been hunting down all the threads all over the interweb so far relating to the MSI Eclipse and Core i7... My Current Config is MSI Eclipse SLI Core i7 920 3x2gb Corsair 1600mhz ram MSI ATI5870 3 x 1tb Drives - Win 7 on one - General Storage on one - OSX10.6 intended to be installed on the other... Sound is done via usb anyway so XFI is irrelevant for me any way. BIOS Settings On Chip Sata is switched to AHCI HPET is now Off System is clocked to 4GHZ up from 2.67 I have Been following Bjorns guide and a few others to make some sense of whats going on... however after getting 10.5.7 installed and booting (with busratio=20 cpus=1) Ive used the automated tool to install the various bits and peices... (i have attempted using both EFI Partition and EXTRAS folder on the root of the HDD) I have a Small 80gb Sata drive that the 10.5.7 is installed to.. I have tried several of the prepackaged boot loaders on the Automated Script installer 1,2,3 & 4 Run the dsdt patcher so on so forth. after the boot loader starts running thru a massive list of kexts it all of a sudden panics... fans roar up and have to hold the power button to kill all.. This occours under all boot circumstance on the new drive with 10.6 installed.. even with the obvious boot flags to use... Im thinking i have completely missed somethign here... I didn't think i needed that many kexts just to boot this system... I also had my heart set on the Hidden EFI Partition for booting this baby... it seems the cleanest and slickest way to boot it making it all functional and fantastic.. Im almost ready to concede defeat and buy a Gigabyte board in hope that would be easier.. Any boot loader suggestions or even bios settings that i may be missing.. I have been attempting this on and off for a few months now.. and would really love to get this rig running as a hack.. my Powerbook G4 is just a bit to slow for video editing now... and i do love mac os
  5. So your Computer Dual Boots withno having to Switch Raid ICH10R on and Off..? Do you need a USB Disk to boot OSX I tried this but it hasn't worked for me in the past.. I would love to get a Decent Dual boot.. Im running Raid 0 and Raid 1 on my ICH10R but would love to do a Jmicron OSX Install
  6. a.barbarich

    Help... 10.6 Retail Install on MSI Eclipse SLI

    I used a few guides for other Mobos and basically hybrid'd what they had done.. but it required a 8GB USB Stick a Pre-existing Macintosh to Restore a Actual Retail Disk to the 8gb stick then install Chameleon on to the USB stick as either a EFI Partition or Straight on the Normal Partition I used pretty Standard Kexts in the Chameleon Booter to get it going also I have however temporarily given up running OSX for two reasons 1. Im struggling to boot OSX86 while Raid mode is selected and i CBF changing bios between Raid and AHCI everytime i want to switch in to Mac. 2. the Other Reason is i now have a Radeon 5870 and at present there is no such support for this card under OSX however my 4890s worked primo
  7. a.barbarich

    ICH10R (in RAID mode) Working (in SL)...Sorta

    Ive just been thinking about this matter of fact.. Since putting 10.6 on my Eclipse X58 SLI I was booting from the begining using CHAMELEON 2.0 RC3 on a USB BOOT DRIVE This Configuration booted my 10.6 perfectly even thou the ICH10R was set to Raid... however try to install Chameleon to the Root of the OSX install and remove the USB Booter from the Equation.. resulted only in boot1: error.... hmmm this is slightly frustrating... did yours boot at all off the HDD ? as after i edited the PLIST i was ending up with the stuffed up USB condition also...
  8. a.barbarich

    ICH10R (in RAID mode) Working (in SL)...Sorta

    I will give this a go.. hoping this will get me online.. the boot1 issue is the onlything thats really stopping my hackintosh install from flying on my X58 Eclipse SLI even with the OSX Drive Plugged in to the JMicron Ports if the ICH10R ports are set to RAID it just dont wanna fly!
  9. a.barbarich

    Help... 10.6 Retail Install on MSI Eclipse SLI

    Well Thanks to your Myriad of replies *insert Sarcasm icon here* i was able to get this up and running working pretty Damn well.. just a few minor niggles to sort and get out of the way Not one walk thru i have read on the net has helped me in its entiretly.. i had to culminated several to make it work but now shes a mean machine! will post up some details later on to help anyone else with this mobo.. FYI according to all my reasearch so far X-FI Soundcard wont work at all.. regardless...
  10. Hi all I'm a bit stuck... I have spent the day trying to compile various bits of information/boot-loaders/kexts that would in-turn be suitable for my OSx86ing my new Rig These are the specs:- Core I7 Nehalem 920 (Not Overclocked or anything) HyperThreading Enabled - C1E Disabled (i dont know what this does) 3 x 2gb 1600 DDR3 Corsair Ram. non ecc cl7 (i think) (some fancy stuff that has big black heat syncs on them) 3 x 1TB Seagate Baracuda 7200 rpm HDDs (2 of which are in Intel ICH10R Raid 0) and one as a Standalong 1 x 250gb Seagate Baracude 7200rpm (OSX86 HDD) 2 x XFX HD4890 1gb running in Crossfire I finally found variant that seemed to finnally allow me to boot thru to the SL setup/installer - Chameleon cdboot (boot132) for 10.6 In the Preboot.dmg i only had the kexts that the author of that thread had distributed it with... First shot failed wouldn't even boot the installer... this was due to me having RAID still enabled not AHCI (which is a problem as a need IHC10R Raid for when im running Vista... Second Shot failed as i booted without using the "-v cpus=1 busratio=20" flags Third time went a charm.... or so i thought.. Got most of the wa osx86 y thru the Install when all of a sudden 19 minutes to go.. the Blue Animated progress bar was suddenly no longer animated.. everything stalled and then a Window with a Exclaimation mark popped up basically said that the setup couldn't get the support files needed... WTF? this disc is defiantly good.. as i installed it on my Macbook earlier that day... What else can i do.. i dont really want to put 10.5.7 on just to upgrade it to 10.6 straight away Can any one enlighten me on anything else i could change... I cant think of anything else
  11. a.barbarich

    iAtkos v5i - Gigabyte GA-EP45-Extreme

    - It only Recognises Network Card # 1 Which is fine by me.. i dont use teaming - Havent Checked Audio didn't configure it for any onboard audio.. as i prefer my Z-10 USB Speakers - Havent Checked IDE but the whole Thing Runs Fine in either AHCI or RAID mode - Haven't Any Firewire Devices to test with.. but it hasn't Stated any Errors about it...
  12. Howdy All... So just Bought and Built my First Computer not so long ago (most specs are in Sig)... (I'm a mac lover thru and thru.. but wanted to be able to game and my 12" G4 Powerbook just wasn't cutting it any more Case Case When i Had all 5 HDDs inside and cooling was insufficient (made out of old PSU) Case as it is now with all 5 HDDs accesable from the Front So after playing with Windows Vista x64 I found it was quite good.. but when i found out you could do this OSX86 thing i had to try it.. Got my Hands on iAtkos v5i - After about 6 attempts of different combinations i Finally hit one on the head that worked perfectly (Well nothing seems to be not working... bar my GFX Card not being Supported fingerscrossed a Driver comes soon for the HD4870) - oh it doesnt Sleep Either but that doesnt really phase me at the moment either) (heck even the logitech webcam worked first boot) Any way i couldn't seem to find any threads about the EP45-Extreme Mobo or the E8500 Core 2 Duo I Used the following Customization - PC EFI V9 - APPLE DECRYPTER - SMBIOS ENABLER (SMBIOS EFI AND THE OTHER DIDNT WORK) - DISABLER - REMOVE POWER MANAGEMENT - OHR - REMOVE THERMAL KEXT - INTEL AHCI SATA - REALTEK R1000 (I didnt select any kernels or GFX cards as my CARD was unsupported HD4870 and the Install wouldnt work with anything under Graphics Selected) All the Updating Works Fine Restart and Shut down work awesome just no Sleep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problems I am having. 1. How the heck do I dual boot (I have Vista X64 on a dedicated RAID0 array and OSX86 on its own Dedicated Drive) at the moment im just F12-ing at the bios screen and just telling the BIOS which Drive to boot off (not that difficult) - The Dual Booting guides make no sence to me what so ever 2. I want to get another GFX Card that is compatible for OSX86 that can fit in a PCI-E Port so i can Crank my 1680 x 1050 Resolution and not have to worry about forcing my HD4870 to run in VESA - any GFX Cards that arent OTT Expensive that i can plug in and run? 3. Why does the Processor show up as 3GHZ Unknown under (about this computer) 4. Can I tell the OS to Ignore my RAID0 Array as every time it boots it complains about Disk insertion Initialise Ignore or Eject? 5. Should I reinstall and implement anything else? ie speedstepping? All in all OSX86 seems pretty Darn Cool and Flipping Quick to Boot and do things.. sooo. yeah.. Hopesome of this info can help other Newbies like myself. and if anyone can help me iron out these last few kinks t'would be awesome! Cheers