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  1. Trouble Transferring old logic projects

    ARGH!! i hope i dont have to do that. It's odd becos it sees the project when it has been burnt on a CD. imports them fine....it's just the data on the HD
  2. Trouble Transferring old logic projects

    Hi again JD logic see the files but doesnt import them - it thinks they're all 8bit audio - which they're definately not. It converts the .lso fine but wants to abort the import of the sd2 becos of 8bits. The aiff/wavs import ok...i think...i only tried a couple of projects and the files are mostly sd2f
  3. I have a 80gB hard drive that i need to access in Pro 7. The projects have all been made in Logic 4.8. For some reason 10.4.2 tiger sees the audio files (sd2f/aiff) in these projects as Unix Executive Files whatever they are. I've tried changing the extentions and still no program can open them. Is there a way of making tiger see them as sd2f/aiff? They were all created on a G4 os9 mac - so there shouldnt be a problem, but being new to OSX i may be a bit munki any help would be grateful Rosh