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  1. There are plenty of good boards out there for 775. I use the Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, but any of their similar boards are good and there is a wealth of forum support info for these boards. Just checking quickly, Newegg has the EP45-UD3P at $110 after MIR currently. I can easily overclock a 6600 2.4 GHz to well over 3 GHz (air cooled) - stable on Snow, Ubuntu 9.10 and Win XP.
  2. Linksys NAS200

    According to what I read on googling that NAS box, it only does CIFS/Samba shares, but that can still work on Snow Leopard. Set up the same "Windows" workgroup on both the NAS and the computer and it should recognize it without problems (I've used Buffalo, D-Link and home-brewed FreeNAS boxes without any problems here). My current box is a D-Link dual drive that is comparable in price but does Gigabit ethernet and offers a lot more features and lower power consumption (DNS-321 Green).
  3. Network HDD - Mac OS X 10.6

    I'm a little confused here. You say you formatted the NAS drive as HFS+ ? Which NAS is this? Unless it is from Apple, most of the small consumer NAS enclosures run on one or other variant of Linux/Unix, and drives in them are normally formatted in one of the Unix formats (ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, ufs, etc). Exactly which format is dependent on the box firmware (my Buffalo used xfs, the D-Link I use currently at home uses ext2 as default, the homemade box running FreeNAS uses ufs as default). Unix does not do well with HFS+, if it can even read it to begin with. The NAS if it is set up correctly makes that part totally transparent, allowing the information to be read and/or written over the network via one of the protocols that all of the operating systems can handle - often Samba (smb) is easiest on a mixed Windows/Mac/Linux network. I use my NAS to allow my media files and photographs to be universally available (even to XBMC running on an elderly modded X-Box). You should let the NAS box format the drive(s) inside it in whichever format it uses. Be very careful if you do otherwise! Some of the boxes have only a bootloader on the hardware and part of their operating system on one of the drives (e.g. Buffalo Linkstation). If you take drives out of these and format them on a different machine, it can wreck the NAS box in such a way that it is extremely hard (virtually impossible) to repair
  4. Not able to browse internet

    Looks like the interface is up and running locally, but not routing correctly. Either the router/gateway is not configured on the Mac or the DNS is not right, assuming it works fine on Windows. Try pinging yahoo directly ( - if you get a response it is DNS at fault -> configure manually. If not, the router address (should be, based on above) in network configuration is probably wrong -> configure manually.
  5. Hackintosh Wishlist Cache

    That is exactly what is in it - 2x2GB sticks. My machine is overclocked to maximum 3600 (FSB 400, x9) dropping to 2400 via speedstep most of the time, after initially running it at baseline during install and testing.
  6. Hackintosh Wishlist Cache

    I think you'll do fine. I have the EP45-UD3R (same audio codec 889a, same Southbridge ICH10R, I believe) with the 9400GT and a 6600 quad-core. It was very easy to install my Snow Leopard DVD via USB drive and update to 10.6.2 online. Currently working very cleanly and reliably here.