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  1. falconpilot

    What means DSDT?

    Just looking for a solution of my USB-problem after updating to 10.5.6 and found some references to DSDT and DSDT-Patcher, even a GUI. What is DSDT? Did I miss the most important thing in OSX86? thanx for your time! fp
  2. falconpilot

    USB's stop working

    use search function, this particular problem came with 10.5.6 and the´re some solutions...
  3. Hallo Leute, nachdem ich auch nach dutzenden kext-Änderungen (QI/QE läuft, alles i.O.) keinen Erfolg bei der Kalibrierung habe, ist mir aufgefallen, daß ich mit dem eingebauten Kalibriertool im Monitor Kontrollpanel keinerlei Veränderung erreichen kann. Die Kontraste sind einfach zu heftig, die dunklen Tonwerte saufen total ab. Kann zwar die Regler verschieben, aber es ändert sich NIX! Wie ist das bei Euch? Ideen? Tipps? Gruß und Danke! fp gfxcard ist eine XFX 8800GTX 768MB, Monitor ein FS S-17 über DVI.
  4. falconpilot

    ....any success with monitor calibration an Hackintosh?

    still have problems: deltaE of the colors is pretty good (average 1,9) but gray balance is absolutely off limits (deltaE 10 or more) - if I try calibration assistant of OS-X then theres no change in contrast or grays at all... --- maybe gfx-card or display is the bugger --- ? would any of you guys confirm that the assistant works as advertised or post the log/screenshot of the calibration software with deltaE´s after calibration? thanx for your time! fp
  5. falconpilot

    Monitor Calibration

    using basiccolor and eye one BUT... color is corrected after the calibration but tone curve never is. shades of gray are always too dark and never change any suggestion? btw. which hardware is your hackinstosh running (gfx/display)? thx!
  6. falconpilot

    ....any success with monitor calibration an Hackintosh?

    thx for the replies... but: @hecker - what gfx card? what driver/kext in use? what is the deltaE for your grayscale/tones? t.i.A!
  7. hi folks, did any one of you try to calibrate the screen? using nvinject the system seems to "forget" to write the LUT into the gfx-card or something like that... pls report - thx!
  8. falconpilot

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    hi all... Retail-Install, Asus P5W DH with CPU E8500 @ standard 3.15, XFX 8800GTX 768, 4Gig OCZ Ram 800Mhz, Samsung Disk like it results.txt
  9. falconpilot

    Does the Incredible P5LD2-VM boot OSX from SATA?

    okay antic no news... compatible or enhanced doesnt make any difference disk is connected as 3rd Master / switched cable with XP-disk - still boots XP on 3rd Master but not that damn 10.4.8 my guess: something went wrong with boot block or code because I never see this darwin loader at all will do some trial and error next days... thx for help! PS.: which tools -other than fdisk and disk util from OSX- may I try to make that disk bootable?
  10. falconpilot

    Does the Incredible P5LD2-VM boot OSX from SATA?

    shame on me but I´m not able to get the CPU to boot from SATA disk I have a running 10.4.7 on that CPU and the disk is recognized, is writeable and reacts normal. Partition is 1 Partition HFS+, MBR. Fdisk´ed with flag, update and write. Installed NEW 10.4.8 a few times and even tried to copy/Restore the whole IDE-Disk to SATA with DiskUtility. I´ve NEVER seen the DARWIN boot menu, it seems my CPU wont boot from that disk Maybe the disk is not bootable even with MBR and flagged bootable? How to detect? Any Suggestion what else could be wrong in my setup? Do I have to set SATA to "Compatible Mode" or something in BIOS? Thanks for your help! fp
  11. falconpilot

    Does the Incredible P5LD2-VM boot OSX from SATA?

    thx for your quick answer... I´m sure format is HFS+ but I didnt check the MBR option will check my disk after my son´s gettin done with his gamblin he just said "{censored}" a few times, guess he´s gettin frustrated enough - cu later! ---->>> LOL -censored- <<<------
  12. Good Morning, just got my hands on a SATA-2504 for my Hackintosh an I´m wonderin if OSX will boot from SATA? I´ve a 10.4.7 running fine on IDE Device on that P5LD2VM and just tried to install on SATA, flagging the disk bootable - BUT if selected in Bootmanager notting happenz Screen stays black forever with blinking cursor, not even the Darwin Bootloader appears... Just wondering if OSX is able to boot or maybe the NEW arrived ISO was buggy or if I did something wrong during Install.... Thnx for Suggests! fp
  13. falconpilot

    problems with samba

    turning off ACK´s didnt help for me, but switching from Full- to Halfduplex did it. Writing is now fast as reading (I was about to throw my NAS out of the window ;-)) Have a nice day!
  14. falconpilot

    Will a Mac Keyboard work for a PC OSx86?

    using the Standard USB Keyboard and it works like on a real MAC. Volume Up/Down, Mute, Disc Eject - all working. No Patching required!