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  1. Alright, thanks So where's the extensions folder so I can put plugins in? I assume .bundle files go there too? Sorry for asking noob questions, but this is my first time on Mac. [Edit] I tried installing those files too using kext helper. It copied those files to Extensions, I rebooted, but I still can't change my resolution, lol Any ideas?
  2. Hi guys! This thing doesn't seem to work with me. I've installed the kext files, and I've put DSDT on root but it doesn't seem to work. No changes. Should I also install .plugin and .bundle files like kexts? What am I supposed to do with those files? Thanks in advance.
  3. Muhamed

    Display Issues

    Sorry for the bump Searching this forum, I found out that one guy had similar problem, but he found patch for it, so he can change resolution. But he uses JAS (whatever it is). Should I install same patch here, on iAtkos? EDIT: Here's the link to that topic: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=43121
  4. Hi! I installed Mac OS X using iAtkos 5i on my PC last night. It recognized my LAN hardware well. I plugged in cable and it all works! I can see Windows XP PCs, I can access their shared folders etc. But, how can I add Mac OS X computer to Windows XP workgroup? Is it possible at all? I ran on this tutorial: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/708/mac-os-...dows-workgroup/ I followed it. But there are a few problems. When I enter Utilities, there's no such thing as Directory Access. There's Directory Utility only. When I enter it, there's no SMB either Any ideas how to add my Mac PC to Workgroup?
  5. Muhamed

    Display Issues

    OK, I've managed to uninstall SwitchResX I don't know why it didn't want to work. Any other ideas about resolution problem?
  6. Muhamed

    Display Issues

    Hm, thanks, but that software doesn't seem to work plus the free version is only trial. I don't really want it on my system, can you tell me how can I uninstall software on Mac? Sorry for asking these noob questions, but I'm totally new
  7. Muhamed

    Display Issues

    Hey, there! Thank you for your quick reply. I went to "More info", found Graphics/Displays menu, everything is like you said, all the hardware is recognized, but still I cannot change my resolution to something higher. Any help with that? As for the first question, is there anything at least close to Windows full screen window? Thanks!
  8. Muhamed

    Display Issues

    Hi all! I've just installed Mac OS X Leopard using iAtkos 5i. It all installed easily, and works like a dream. But I've got a few minor problems, and I need your help. First - when I click the pesky green button in upper left corner, why doesn't it make window full screen? Second - Seems like I can't choose any screen resolution other than 1024x768 which doesn't suite my needs. I've got integrated graphic card, Intel GMA950 I assume. I've installed B drivers for that one. Third - I can't seem to find anything similar to Device manager in Windows. Does something like that exist in Mac? Thanks in advance, guys! Much appreciated. Respect to OSx86 Project