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  1. This doesn't seem to work on either of my Core2 Quad systems... 1) P35 with Nvidia 8800GTS (Assus P5K-E) 2) Q45 with Nvidia 9600GT or with the Q45 with the onboard video (Intel Q45CB) Both systems are Penryn quad core CPUs one is a C0 the other is E0. To be fair I also couldn't get the systems to boot with an older JaS 0xX86 10.5.2 Intel SSE2 SSE3 dvd either. The systems fail while booting... The apple screen gets a ghostbusters sign on it. EDIT: My problem is with the SATA controllers on my ICH9R and ICH10DO - The ISOs generic.iso and BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso don't work if SATA isn't set to legacy mode as both my systems have SATA DVD drives (the Q45 system doesn't have a PATA port). The kernel doesn't work with the controllers out of AHCI mode. The kernel gets stuck waiting for a root device. I think for now I'm stuck. In AHCI mode I can't transition from the loader disk to the installer disk... In IDE mode it transitions but the installer can't find a root. I know the device is supposed to be FE but that doesn't work when SATA is in AHCI mode.