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  1. damn.... i never try to boot from clover in windows! LOL i'll try later and i'll let you know! I thought to boot in windows and in mojave accessing into the bios and loading the profile, but this dont work because cant save different ssd/hd priority, my english is bad, hope you understand what i mean. Anyway, i'll check directly from Clover! the important thing is that the Mojave settings do not affect windows 10
  2. i think i have to install again on m2.ssd and dual boot from there? maybe.... i'm waiting for the new amd graphics card to change my 1070..... wait or no?
  3. I'm sorry, maybe I explained myself wrongly. I wanted to say that I need to: - Enter Bios - Load Windows 10 Settings and boot (and its ok because first drive is m2.ssd) - Enter Bios - Load Mojave settings and boot (i cant do it because the first drive is alwyas m2.ssd with windows 10) no way to save in profile different boot order
  4. wifi-bluetooth mounted and worked perfect!! Ok now if i wanna to switch to windows 10 and Mojave i have to load in bios the preferences saved for each system, and its ok for me. The thing thaat i hate and i dont understand is why i can save many options (almos all) under profile and not the bootsequence? I mean, when i use Mojave i have to load the mojave profile (and its ok) but after i have to wait and hit f12 and select which rive to boot.... on m.2 970 i have windows 10, on 860 i have mojave (on another data) i cant believe a bios cant still save this setting..... And what about "Logitech C920 HD Pro"? thx a lot like always !! When i'll test all i'll put photos of my baby
  5. hi, i still have to test usb, wake up, and other things i see also your additional guide for "Populating System Information - PCI" and "SSDT GUIDE using HACKINTOOL for USB ports fix" I'll check all next days. I need to buy a wifi-bluetooth card, wha about this one? https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00MBP25UK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1ENGI3QDWM2UF&psc=1 thanks
  6. ok I see the video and install the Clover with default plus RC Scripts, now i have only to replace the EFI post install into the ssd? I don't find the Macintosh ssd lol after this I have to use anything else?
  7. O M G i got it woooooooooooot!! now it’s time to configure the rest, and make it bootable!! For now THANKS then, 1 million of THANKS ... ta last, for all your time and patience to help me i’m writing With iPhone now... back to end install woooooooooooooo
  8. Ok I have now Boot FileVault Prebooter from Preboot Boot macOS install PreBooter from Preboot This ==>> Boot macOS from Macintosh and one strange with a cross: Boot Recovery from Recivery I’ll boot again and see...
  9. If I remember i do it one time, it start and continue, without asking for language and settings, then finish and counting for restart... then??
  10. Hi and thx lets see, Peripherals → Initial Display Output → PCIe 1 Slot i set it to iGPU  Peripherals → Intel(R)Bios Guard → Intel BIOS Guard Support → Disable dont have this option on current Bios F9 these are the screenshots: EFI attached EFI.zip
  11. same Error .... i put a video of error and all messages online here on YouTube I dunno what to do
  12. lol i was about to write I'm using it maybe I good sign ?
  13. this is really strange, absurd, argh argh argh argh USB creation using high sierra, freeze at the end, I mean no terminal prompt but I have to stop it and I get a message that I'll stop some operation, dunno if its ok... when I install, it say the installation disk is corrupted or incomplete, at about 2% from the end USB creation using Mojave, all is fine and I get at the end the terminal prompt, but when I install at about 3% from the end, I get always the errors I show before..... Amen I go to fish ?
  14. ok this is the situation.... now install go on, and stay stuck at 2% then give me a message that the download is damaged or incomplete ..... now I download again the Mojave app installer...same size...creating the USB again! I think the problem is when I run the command line: "sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB --nointeraction && say Mojave Drive Created" and it freeze, when I stop it something is corrupted.... the Mojave app is ok, downloaded 2 times and size and all its ok Maybe because I create the USB from Sierra? If it'll freeze again I'll move the installer on Mojave and create the USB from there!! damn...
  15. yes, the Mojave USB installer mounted onto desktop! Continue to make USB thanks