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  1. Also, today is my birthday so I would consider a reply a brilliant gift =P
  2. OK Im building a new windows gaming system and I wanted to put OSX on it. I know the graphics will work because ive read a guide and only idiots and n00bs are having problems. This is the stuff I am building it with - ASUS Special Edition Maximus Formula Motherboard Intel Quad core Q6600 4X2GB DDR2 800MHz OCZ Gold RAM 500GB 7200RPM SATA HDD DVDRW IDE DRIVE Card Reader What release of OSX should I use? iDeneb, Kalyway, etc? Also, for anyone whos curious the graphics card is ATI Radeon 2900 XT 1GB GDDR4 Im only building this stupid high spec because im getting most of the parts cheap in a bundle and have some of the parts lying around anyway.
  3. The whole thing is gonna be made out of a black plastic which can be bent using heat. Ive forgotten what its called, but it doesnt warp when its heated. Basically I sketch the front onto a 2D CAD program, and it cut it out. I then Use the middle part (The place where the LCD would go in a real iMac) again but this time cut the square into clear perspex. Then I just spray some strong glue onto the inner edges and clip it in. My main problem is 1 - I dont have access to the laser cutter for 2 weeks, hence people might lose interest and 2 - I wanted to make it as small as possible, but if you look at iMacs, they dont just have an LCD, they have a lot of space above and below and even around it. If I make it How Im thinking, it will look nothing like an iMac. The way I was thinking of doing it was not the same way as above, but instead of us black plastic at all, use just perspex on one side since all you will be able to see is the LCD. get it? i mean all the space around it is lost so its tiny but doesnt look like an iMac. Im not sure if this is good or bad. Should i make it look like an imac as much as possible? Anyway im installing a 15.4 inch screen, but the res is only 1024 768. I made this so you could turn it around and it would look like a PC from the front and you could use an external monitor anyway, but if i make it look like an iMac it will look weird cos of the stand. What do you think? P.S does leopard support that res? Sorry for the double post, But either way I was thinking maybe some apple logos that glow blue, not sure about that, but LED's behind the airvents and speaker holes so they glow inside? What do you think? red? blue? both? maybe green?
  4. Yeah, the laser cutter cant bend stuff so I might have to. I could use a heat machine thingy and bend one solid piece at 90 degree angles 4 times. The best thing would be to cut out 4 pieces, put them together and round them with a file. It would b more square but no over the top. My main problem is the DVD drive. I was thinking a flip open panel which would allow it to pop out like the old mac before the iMacs, but the drive I will be using is out of a laptop so it needs to be pulled out if you know what I mean. OK just had a thought. Maybe Ill put on a stand and perspex infront of an LCD on the side, and make it removable so the LCD can be disabled and it can be plugged into a normal monitor. I can make the front like a normal PC and the side like an iMac. Get it? I still need Ideas, opinions and mods, so keep em coming, guys! Plus im doing this since my PC broke so Im open to offers if anyone is interested in buying it. I will be putting an auction with a reserve for it on ebay once im finished. I dont mind selling it, I just need enough money for parts for my main PC. Im on my MSI netbook atm xD
  5. OK. This morning my desktop broke and I needed a new one. My house is full of old broken pcs, laptops and parts. in about ten minutes i whipped something up to use. The only problem is that it was parts of an old laptop, hence i didnt have PC casing to fit. Not to worry, ill just make a little PC. So Ive got access to a laser cutter which can cut, engrave, do anything PRECISELY! I thought to myself I should build a black glossy pc with the apple logo engraved onto it in white. Then I though ill leave one clear panel and fit in a spare LCD to use it anywhere. then I thought ill add a few hundred LEDs. Now ive just though of THE COOLEST mod EVER. A full blown iMac. Because of the size of the parts, I can fit it into a very small, thin casing. I was going to make it into a desktop with an LCD in the side panel, but then I realized if I stuck a little stand on this it would look exactly like an iMac. So what I was going to ask was what should I do? I mean what, in your opinion would make this iMac look incredible? what mods would be able to get any girl I desire into bed? haha seriously though I was thinking of something like the old iMacs but black instead of white, with leopard on it and im not sure but some blue LED's? Maybe lighting up the Apple logo? or Maybe inside the mac so the vent covers glow? What do you think? Please, send in your designs, and if possible draw them. I have access to the best equipment on the market. Anyway I will be posting instructions on what I did and how I did it and with what materials after im done. Just remember getting access to some of the equipment I will be using will be very difficult, so dont get your hopes up lol. The specs will be - Celeron M CPU 64MB Integrated Intel 852/855 Graphics 2GB DDR Ram 60GB 7200 RPM HDD Anyway I know the specs arent amazing, but it runs windows better than my £1200 gaming rig. I dont know how. Im serious though, so if it runs OSX as smooth as this, I will be auctioning it on eBay. One thing i can GUARANTEE is that it will look incredible.
  6. Aircrack install probs

    OK I needed to install aircrack but im a n00b. I installed macports and realityiswhere told me to do - sudo port install aircrack-ng. I did and then got some error, he told me to install xcode and redo the command. now i get - Skipping org.macports.activate (aircrack-ng ) since this port is already active ---> Cleaning aircrack-ng and it just stops at that. any ideas?
  7. x1650 agp and pcie

    Hey guys, I need some help. Im a n00b, and every time I install this, it messes up my hackintosh. I need step by step instructions if anyone is willing to help. My specs follow- (p.s my graphics are stuck at 1024 768 and laggy, ineed them clear and smooth) (Sapphire) Radeon X1650 PRO 512MB DDR2 dev id 0x71c6 JaS Leopard 10.5.4