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  1. The Porting Team

    The Game Porting Team is finally back online with a few modifications: go check http://portingteam.com or http://forum.portingteam.com and start posting! cheers thedoctor45
  2. The Porting Team

    Good news people, I just found a way to integrate the CX launcher into the wrapper itself. This means if you have thinned out your quartz-wm on 10.6, you can now run your CX ports just like you did back in 10.5. Here are the steps to get it working (assuming that you haven't thinned out your quartz-wm file yet): 1. open Terminal.app and paste the following code into the shell window: cd /usr/bin sudo mv quartz-wm quartz-wm.bak sudo lipo -thin i386 quartz-wm.bak -output quartz-wm 2. download ScriptEditor from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mmuxdilymmu 3. start it and paste this code into the window: do shell script "VERSIONER_PERL_PREFER_32_BIT=yes /Applications/CrossOver\\ Wrapper.app/Contents/MacOS/CrossOver\\ Chromium" 4. adapt the path to the binary file so that it matches with the path of the game wrapper you want to use it with! Drop the binary into a terminal window to see its full unix path (beware the double-backslashes!) IMPORTANT: the launcher script is location-dependant, this means it ONLY works with the app path that you input above - as soon as you move or rename the wrapper, it will fail to launch! 5. save the script as an Application-Bundle. (leave additional options unchecked!) 6. open up the bundle by right-clicking on it and selecting "show package contents" from the menu and place the "applet" binary file from /Contents/MacOS/ into the CX Wrappers /Contents/MacOS/ directory. 7. put all the resource files from the applets /resource/ dir into the resource folder of the CX wrapper 8. open the info.plist of the wrapper and change the bundle executable from "CrossOver Chromium" to "applet" 9. launch your game! F***ING IMPORTANT!: Rename or move the Wrapper.app before you do all this or otherwise the OSX LaunchServices will ignore the new bundle executable value because it still has the old one in its cache and it won't work! hope this works for all of you. keep the dream alive! thedoctor45
  3. The Porting Team

    The string is stored in the OSX LaunchServices cache - rename or move the app and you will see it won't work anymore....
  4. The Porting Team

    so that means we're stuck here. too bad - looks like thinning out quartz-wm and using a launcher script is the only option for now. I'm out of ideas - any suggestions guys?
  5. The Porting Team

    did you try both quatz-wm files, with and without the 32-bit command? does it always crash? also remember the prefs folder!
  6. The Porting Team

    just give it a try right now, we can figure out the details afterwards.
  7. The Porting Team

    check your PM's - both of you if you don't want to use terminal.app to launch the wrapper you have to make yourself a launcher script like I described in the previous post. But only if both wrappers I just made fail to run of course. PS: don't forget to delete the prefs folder! cheers thedoctor45
  8. The Porting Team

    If it's really solely a Perl related issue, another possible solution would be to take the Perl directory from CX Games 8.0 and paste it into the Chromium wrapper. (replacing all existing files) But again, I can't test it since I don't have SL installed right now. I can make 2 wrappers - one with the Perl files from the new CX Games and one with the old Perl files. where are all these crazed SL maniacs when you need 'em...? btw - it should be possible for CoreDuo Mac users to launch Chromium out of the box on 10.6 because the CD CPU uses a 32Bit architecture so basically it shouldn't be possible to execute perl in 64Bit mode in the first place..... just a random thought. xP
  9. The Porting Team

    I think posting the wrapper link here in this forum is not appropriate. Also it's not the final version but a release candidate build. Once a crack is available for CX Games 8.0 (Final) we will be able to wrap it into the chromium application. The demo release does not work properly with the wrapper. If you are keen to get your hands on it anyway - just take a look at my CX Wrapper library on mediafire. Oh and btw i think it should be possible to include the environment variables with the help of an Apple Script starter application which (when launched) executes a shell script with the 32Bit Perl command. the content of this launcher application would look like this: do shell script "VERSIONER_PERL_PREFER_32_BIT=yes /Applications/CrossOver\\ Chromium.app/Contents/MacOS/CrossOver\\ Chromium" you can use Apples Scripteditor app to make the script - compile and save the code as a standalone application. Once you double-click the launcher it will execute CX Chromium with the provided command line arguments. I realize that this is not a very elegant solution and suitable for temporary use at best but at least it will make the terminal part obsolete. Btw. I'm pretty confident that we will get our hands onto a new updated wrapper sooner or later. cheers thedoctor45
  10. Cider For Mac OS X 10.4?

    The Warhammer Cider is the first Cider build that cannot be launched on 10.4 anymore. Sorry but you're out of luck.
  11. The Porting Team

    just for your information: I was able to create a CX Games 8.0 wrapper which is based on the RC1 build - other builds have demo limitations and are not suitable for wrapping (yet). It still uses the old Chromium application, but I recently came across this topic in the Codeweavers support forum: now I don't have Snow Leopard installed yet, so maybe someone else who is reading this and who has already upgraded wants to try it out. I'm not sure if this works with the wrapper, but if it's a perl related issue it should be fixable... cheers thedoctor45
  12. Star Trek Games?

    I finished the Bridge Commander port yesterday - I also got Birth of the Federation running but I can´t get past the CD-check - you have to mount the image every time you want to play it which is kinda lame. The crack works nice in Windows but unfortunately not in CrossOver...
  13. Star Trek Games?

    Elite Force 1 (PPC version needs some patches to work acceptably on Intel Macs - Cider port is in the works) Elite Force 2 (PPC version runs reasonably on Intel Macs) Deep Space 9 The Fallen (Cider and CrossOver ports are available for this game - the CrossOver port runs a bit slower but is more stable than the Cider port) Away Team (This is a CrossOver port and runs very nice on all Intel macs) Klingon Honor Guard (One of my older Cider ports - looks great ans runs smooth but crashes pretty often.. howver there is a workaround) I am currently working on a CX port of Bridge Commander, also Birth of the Federation has been reported working with CrossOver, so I will check that out as well. that is all atm cheers thedoctor45
  14. Star Wars Pod Racer (Episode I)

    I successfully ported it using a CrossOver wrapper. http://www.codeweavers.com/services/ports/chromium/ Works like a charm after lots and lots of tweaking cheers thedoctor45
  15. Dark messiah with Cider and font issue

    Are the cutscenes and all DX9 effects working?