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  1. Thanks, Verdant! I think you've helped me out the most here trying to get this thing going smoothly! I think its just that the Fermi gpu (and the 550ti in particular, which i think was my problem concerning the hdmi port in my other thread) doesn't play very well with Mountain Lion, so i've rolled back to 10.7.5 in the meantime and will be looking to upgrade the graphics to a 6xx series kepler gpu. Which from my understanding is supportedly natively. So time will tell!
  2. I'm using the latest version of Chameleon v.2.1 I've disabled firewire and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Sorry if i wasn't clear, it was late and was getting frusturated. lol I was using the kexts provided in your support files. Also, just as a note, whenever you click the download link on the first page, it sends you to a place that asks you to download an .exe Luckily, i've had your support files backed up for a while just in case It just seems to freeze at the point in the start up. The only way of getting in is through safe mode ;/
  3. I went and started a fresh install of Mountain Lion so i could try and stay vanilla as possible. I've got it installed but it keeps freezing at this screen that i've attached. It doesn't give me an error, it just stays there forever. I've never done a vanilla install before, i've always used pre-configured installers like iAtkos or the like. I was able to install it to the HDD but i can't boot into it without running the -x boot flag in chameleon. Right now the only non-vanilla kexts i'm using FakeSMC. nullappleintelcpupowermanagement, AppleNforceAta64 and nforceLAN64.. any ideas on how to go forward? ;x Cpu: Q6600 Mobo: Asus Striker 2 Extreme nForce 790i Graphics: PNY GeForce 550 Ti GTX 1gb Ram: 8gb Corsair Dominator
  4. I think HDA disabler is only so that when you upgrade between versions it blocks AppleHDA, but i had my AppleHDA deleted ;/
  5. The modifications to the audio kext were adding these in: <integer>VoodooHDAVidSkip</integer> <key>vendorID</key> <integer>VoodooHDADidSkip</integer> <key>deviceID</key> Hrm.. do you have any guesses as to which kext might be activating the port? Also, the KPs point to like four different kexts each time. One of them being IOPCIFamily I think. When i work up the courage and boot into OSX i'll find out which ones and then i'll post them more in detail Do you think it might be necessary to try and add similar lines of code to AppleHDA as well? I've tried with and without AppleHDA and still get the same results so i'm not sure it matters..
  6. Well, I spoke too soon. It looks like my computer froze just a bit ago and when i was finally able to boot into osx (after a few KP's) my sound preferences once again looked like the picture in the OP ;x
  7. Verdant, that link helped out a bunch. I edited the 7.1 AD1988B kext to skip looking for the hdmi port in my video card and like magic all my ports including front and rear microphone are working! Thanks alot dude!
  8. Verdant, i've tried using that one and unfortunately am still getting the same ports available as listed in the OP . I think it might have something to do with the hdmi port on my video card. I've been reading on needing to modfiy some info.plist to skip looking for that particular controller... do you have any idea what that might be?
  9. tle88, unfortunately i've tried that one before and gives me the same problem ;( Riley, do you know how I would go about disabling the S/PDIF out? I definitely won't be using that one and would gladly get rid of it.
  10. Hi all, i've been trying to get this to codec to work but i seem to be having an issue. I installed the ab1988b codec from old napalm and a few other codecs from osx86 . net and I can't get the green port to appear in system preferences. It worked once but then i tried to update to 10.8.2 and it broke everything, so I formatted and installed it again just how i did before and i've never been able to get it back. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the hdmi port from my video card but I'm pretty lost as to what to try next. I'm running an Asus Striker 2 Extreme nforce 790i with the supplied Supreme FX 2. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  11. Well, it all makes sense, but I forgot to mention that i'm transferring kexts to my Lion partition from my Windows drive using MacDrive. My install was working fine before I was forced to swap video cards. So i'm not too sure how to repair permissions without being able to boot into a working OSX install ;x
  12. Hi All, I'm having trouble getting my existing osx partition of Lion (or while trying to install Mountain Lion) to work after installing an PNY Geforce GTX 550 Ti into my Asus Striker 2 Extreme nforce 790i. This new card is replacing an EVGA GeForce 9600 GSO that died on me. When I replaced the card, I would boot up and it would hang at PCI Configuration Begins. Then after researching the error I decided to install a modified IOPCIFamily.kext from netkas, available here: http://netkas.org/?p=1053. This got me past that error, but then it gave me a kernel panic about IntelCPUMonitor not being able to load something into FakeSMC which then hangs. After more researching I removed IntelCPUMonitor altogether, which got me to the point of AppleNforceATA detecting my drives but then it just hangs.. and thats where i'm stuck. ;/ I thought installing Mountain Lion would solve the problem because from what I understand my video card is suppossed to be supported out of the box (same thing with Lion if i'm reading correctly). I'm very frusturated but I enjoy the challenge ! Can anyone here give me a little bit of insight as to what might be happening?