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  1. skinniezinho

    Help! Radeon x1950 Drivers for Lion!

    I'd like to know too..there is one driver for 10.8 in the wiki, tryied to install it with kext utility but no go
  2. skinniezinho

    Conceptronic Drivers

    Any suggestion? The card works fine in my powermac g4 (10.5.8 and 10.4) Thanks
  3. skinniezinho

    Conceptronic Drivers

    First of all,sorry to bump this thread... if you have the "Version 1" of this card,you can use the ralink rt2860 drivers located here: http://www.ralinktech.com/license_us.php?n...mZNVGc9Qw%3D%3D I've bought the "version 3" of this card,wich uses the RT3062 chip,looked on ralink site,and no drivers for mac,although,looking on conceptronic windows driver I saw reference to Rt2860 chip,so tried that driver on macOS (10.5.8).the card is detected,my wlan appears,but when I try to connect,the ralink app closes. Any suggestion?or better change the card?
  4. skinniezinho

    iBook G3 not installing OS X Tiger

    My friend that is a kernel panick..you have some failure in the hardware...
  5. skinniezinho

    ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    Ppl a differnet question,has anyone with a POWERPC apple machine got a envy4ht card to work there without having drivers? Like for example,you have an terratec aureon and you used the m-audio drivers or something..and it worked.. In the next days I'll receive a G4 machine,and would like to put there my Terratec Aureon modded to audiotrak prodigy 7,1,but both models don't have drivers :S Otherwise if anyone have an M-aduio Revolution 5.1/7.1 to sell cheap pm me
  6. skinniezinho

    Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    it works very good in dv9575ep! only the light switch to mute changes color sometimes while not playing anything lol.. I din't tried the input cause even in windows it works badly.. Thanks a lot!
  7. skinniezinho

    AMD Barton 2500+ & MacOS

    unfortunetly it won't work I had a "dream" socket A system (DFI Lpb,AMD Xp-m 2600+ IQYHA,2x1Gb Ballistix,6800Gt modded to Quadro,etc etc) and had to trade it because osx won't run on it)..but for windowz it is a good system..
  8. Hi guys,I sucessfully installed macosx on my desktop,everything is up and running,but now I'd like to have my inrfared adapter working.. it is an St-Labs USB 2.0 IRDA-4220 (16Mbps),as you can see by the name it is based on sigmatel 4220 chip,wich has drivers for mac! As the sigmatel download page is down,I download the latest driver using wayback machine using this link: http://web.archive.org/web/20051226043445/.../MAC_Driver.dmg The thing is that the adapter isn't even turning on (it has a light on it,that blinks when connected)..any thoughts? I got this working on linux if that helps..and works oob in windows...
  9. skinniezinho

    Nvinject 256

    Boas,hoje decidi finalmente meter mãos há obra e instalar uma distro "hackintosh" no meu HP DV9575EP,comecei por Kalyway 10.5.2 e depois passei para leo4all 10.5.6. Tenho tudo (excepto wireless) a funcionar no leo,mas a minha gráfica não fica acelerada por hardware (quartz extreme..etc) enquanto que no kalyway seleccionando o nvinject 256mb ela funcionava perfeitamente..(no leo ja tentei o nvinject 2.1/nvinject 2.1 go e ate outro nvinject num guia para hp dv9000 do user The JiV) mas nada...ha possibilidade de fazer o download do kext do kalyway (julgo ser a versão 2.0) e aplicar no leo? As specs são: Chipset:Intel 965PM Processador: Intel T7300 2.0GHz 4Mb cache Memória:2x2Gb Disco:2x160Gb Audio:ALC268 Wireless:Intel 3945ABG Gráfica:Nvidia 8600M GS 256Mb Monitor:17' 1440x900 60Hz Obrigado
  10. skinniezinho

    Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 anyone?

    any news on drivers for this card? I have a terratec aureon 7.1 modded to Audiotrak prodigy 7.1...
  11. skinniezinho

    Dell 1390 wireless & HP laptop

    sorry to put up this thread... I bought this card: http://cgi.ebay.com/Broadcom-802-11n-300M-...1713.m153.l1262 but when I plugged it,it gave that 104 error. The card has written bcm4321kbfg in the chip,but in ubuntu doing lspci it shows bcm4328.. From what I googled HP's and mac's have this card. My doubt is,where do I get the correct Id's for this card to make this procedure...or it doesn't matter? Currently I have a Intel 3945AB. Do you think it is worth trying this method or it is better to get back my money and buy another card?