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  1. heloo, what about this project? i have mobility radeon 4200(9712) and i wanna know if u did something for your card to work properly. i have os x 10.6.4 and the videocard is recognized as hd radeon 4890 256 Mb..this is strange.cheers and sorry for bad english!!
  2. ATI Radeon 4200

    if you want i have the kexts that worked for me but just for resolution fix(no qe/ci).i have 1366x768 resolution on my vaio...
  3. I can't see my HDD.

    ok Rhapsody Man i need help with sound, chipset and internet from you... my graphic card is not functioning(1280x720 resolution no QE..) thx...
  4. where is the hard drive?

    hy, y have installed iATKOS v4a on my acer aspire 5520 but i have not sound no internet and no QE install"it with titan video drivers and without network(this cause on myne kernel panic) ihope this help you
  5. try with iATKOS v4a....on my laptop work this version and is same as yours.. My laptop is acer aspire 5520 : AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor - TK-55 (1.8GHz, 512kB L2 Cache combined) * Nvidia nForce 610M chipset * Nvidia GeForce 7000M onboard graphics capable of up to 256MB VRAM (shared) * 2GB DDR2 667MHz RAM (2GBx1) if still dont work try installing without video drivers and without network(on mine with network installed i have kernel panic) Anyway you can install the titan driver for video card.if it works post it Sorry for my english
  6. Mac OS X in Packard Bell SJ51

    i have installed iATKOS v4a on my laptop wich have the same spec as yours,but no sound no internet and no resolution bigger than 1024x768 kalyway 10.5.2 not working on my laptop....i hope this help you...an i forget...i installed on a usb hdd(sata)because my intern hdd is sata (not suported by mac os x) cheers sorry for my english
  7. thanks a lot man...but nothing...i not resolved my issues.no sound no internet... i instaled NVinstaller_v2.pkg after i made what you said to mi (unsuccesful)and i ssen this : chipset model: graphics by nvidia type : display vram : 512 vendor:nvidia(0x10de) but mi resolution display is just 1024x768 no more
  8. hy everyone...i have an acer aspire 5520 laptop amd athlon 2x64 1,8gh ,video nvidia geforce 7000m/nforce 610m, hdd samsung 250 gb sata.what is wrong when i wanna install mac os x amd sse3 ,because is not show mi hdd??when y wanna chose the partition where to install mac os x is not enything there..what wrong with sata??some solutions?please guys i love so much mac and is to expensive for my poket:)please...sorry for my english