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  1. smurf2

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    Hello Matt you could try this tutorial I haven't tried it but it looks like it should work it's the dell 1520 even though it doesn't say that anywhere http://www.hackintosh-india.com/ regards Smurf2
  2. smurf2

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    I was hoping the dsdt.aml I edited would fix the shutdown reboot sleep problem but alas not joy
  3. Hi I have a del 1520 laptop and I edited the DSDT file and got the 3d accel working seems to have stopped the shutdown sleep .Which is unfortunate link to dsdt file for dell 1520 Latz Smurf
  4. smurf2

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    Hi I ran across this post I hope it helps I haven't tried it out Nvidia 8600gt
  5. smurf2

    Snow Leopard on Inspiron 1520

    HI I have a similar inspiron 1520 .I'd like to know what Kext's ppl are using and I am curious about audio with the STAC9205 drivers under SL .If someone could post the steps they used with the above install that too would be greatly appreciated many thanx in advance Dru
  6. smurf2

    10.5.8 update from 10.5.7

    You might want to follow the guide at netkas http://netkas.org/
  7. smurf2

    8600m VGA out

    Hi thanx for the informative thread and so much to those that have made the Dell post installer you guys are legends I have a Dell inspiron 1520 with a 8600m GT 512mb I have installed iAtkos 10.5.4 and updated to 10.5.5 I have pritty much everything working again but My problem is that I have a external 22 inch monitor that I had working but I had a crash and since the reinstall the magic nvcap (04000000 00000100 02000000 00000007 00000000) doesn't work I have been looking about for a number of days with no fix any help ideas would be very much apreciated regards
  8. smurf2

    Dell Inspiron 1520/1720

    I have 10.5.5 installed with qi and core image working I used the latest nvinject v.51 I haven't gotten the vga out working though I installed iAtkos 10.5.4 .It's a little hit and miss when you install .... if after install it shows the darwin loader then reboots it hasn't installed the Kernel .. I just reboot the installer and drop to the shell and copy the kernel from the dvd to the root of the install hdd this lets you reboot .then I use the dell post installer to install the correct kernel