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  1. Hi there... finally solved it by upgrading Chameleon to 2.0 RC2... I tried out RC3 and RC4 and it didn't work, but RC2 did the trick just fine. Now everything is working perfectly fine... I can't be sure whether just the upgrade of Chameleon did the trick, or if it was all the other stuff I tried before that (replacing 10.5.8 kexts with 10.5.6, etc) PLUS the Chameleon upgrade... but it's worth the try. Cheers.
  2. Hi there, my DVD Drive (ATAPI IHAS 120) only works when I turn my computer on with a DVD disk inside the tray. If I turn it on with the disk inside the tray, then I can eject it and replace the disk and everything works fine. If I turn it on without any kind of disk inside, then it doesn't mount the disks I place inside, and toast indicates "No recorder found". Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi There, i've been having this problem since I updated to 10.5.8. I've been reading a lot of posts regarding this issue but this far no solution has helped... On the same computer I have another partition with 10.5.6, and it works perfectly fine. On my 10.5.8 partition, "No firewire ports can be detected". Motherboard: Intel DG31PR Sound Card: NVidia XFX 8600GT Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks a lot, Pablo.
  4. Everything is working fine now in the OS X department... Now... I'm having some problems installing Windows on the WXPOS partition... I get the message when installing "partition is not a Windows XP-Compatible"... looked all arround for a solution. Some say it's just a matter of setting the partition to active (did it and didn't work out), and others say you just have to wipe your whole HD and leave it as it came from factory. Is there any other way arround this? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks a lot verdant! Did exactly as you told me... Got the 5 partitions, and MAC OS X working perfectly on the main one. Just one question... now I want to set up my "test environment" to try setting up my video card, etc... is there a way to copy the full image of my MAC_OSX_MAIN to my MAC_OSX_TEST so I don't have to keep on installing everything twice? Thanks again.
  6. Kaliway 10.5.2 As a volume on the same HDD, though I haven't installed Windows yet. Partitions: HFS MACOSX (Active) HFS MACDATA FAT WXPOS FAT WXPDATA Thanks.
  7. Thanks a lot for your answer verdant. I wrote down some of the errors I found. display: family specific matching fails. GFX0: family specific matching fails. NVINJECT: Probing... it drops like 20 lines of NVINJECT without droping any errors... Then "dsmos: starting" with no problems. localhost fseventsd(33): event logs in /.fseventsd out of sync with volume. dstouch: file was asked to be opened .DSIsRunning (file exists) localhost mds(27): /.spotlight.......... (Error) IndexCI in ContentIndfexOpenBulk: No Index fseventsd (33): log dir: /volumes/WXPOS Determining new UUID fseventsd (33): log dir: /volumes/WXPDATA Determining new UUID Then it hangs... WXPOS and WXPDATA are the two partitions I left aside for WXP, formated as FAT... (havent installed wxp there yet) These are the error messages I get when I boot with the onboard video... Thanks again.
  8. Hi all, this is my first post here. I've been reading a lot, searching for a solution... but after trying different options for the last 2 days... here I am. I just received my new computer: MOBO: Intel DG31PR HD 750GB W.DIGITAL 7200 SATAII 16 CPU E8500 CORE 2 D 3.16GHZ 2 MEM DDR2 2GB 800MHZ OCZ GOLD EDIT (4 GB Total) VGA PCI-E 1GB GF8600GT XFX GAB ATX SENTEY RJA-246C As I read on the compatibility list, it should almost run OOTB... but I finish the installation process with no problem, but then when I reboot, it shows me the apple logo, the little dots are spinning on the screen, and then it hangs: the dots stop spinning, and the display shows me the HD is quiet. I tried disabling my GF8600GT, and then what happens is it loads the apple logo, the dots spin... and then it says: "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for..." in several languages. I can't make it work neither with my GF8600GT nor with the onboard video... but then perhaps the problem isn't video related... don't really know... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!