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  1. I have Windows Vista and Windows XP in one HDD... and MAC OS X on another. So I boot from the first HDD an it goes directly into Vista boot menu. If I want to boot OSX then I press F8 key while starting the Computer and then boot from the Second HDD or USB Flash Drive and then boot into Mac OS X..... Thanks for the reply Robert. So in your step 11 to boot OS X without USB, you're using your windows from your first HD to write the boot file into your 2nd HD MBR that goes to OS X right? For those having problems booting from USB, be sure to check that your flash drive does not have U3 program installed. It may cause problems when booting. By the way, use the syslinux.exe -ma command, that makes the flash drive active without going into disk management and right click to make active. That didn't work for me either, but -ma did. As for the retail install, after you install ideneb, you can connect an external HD and copy your retail os X in it (with windows to ntfs partition) and load the image off the HD, much faster install than DVD. After installing retail OSX, if you still want a DVD copy of OSX, theres a program called mactheripper that burns dmg.
  2. Thanks a million Robert! Can't say how awesome your work is here, greatly appreciate it. Any suggestions on how to choose which OS to boot if install XP / Vista on one HD and OS X retail on another?
  3. Great guide Robert, after many hours of trying, I finally got OS X 10.5.6 on my machine. Without a doubt, retail is much faster and smoother than anything else, the feel is just like a mac (had one before). For those of you wanting to try retail, it is highly recommended, you will not regret it. This guide will work, you just have to look for answers and keep trying. Refer to Juzzi guide if needed (gotta thank him too). Gparted live cd didn't work for me, but the USB worked, partedmagic has a good guide on how to do this. IDE dvd didn't work either, so I used external HD to load the retail image, very fast install. I've read somewhere that sometimes you have to force master by setting the jumper on master instead of cable select, that worked for the iDeneb install. After the retail install of 10.5.4, update to 10.5.5 and 10.5.6 using apple's update. At first I had problems at login, but after the updates, no problems. Just still trying to figure out how to boot with windows options and os x options without the USB flash drive. Robert, question for you, in your step11, you're basically using the syslinux and copying the boot 132 file into the MBR first partition correct? Is there any way to do this without using windows? Or is there any other easy way to boot with the option of choosing win or os x? I followed your partition method of fat32, hfs+, hfs+, ntfs, installed windows and realized that the ntfs is an extended drives and cannot boot into windows. I was also thinking of erasing the retail drive (image drive of os x) and install windows on top of that, but thought that would over write MBR. What I would like to do is have one HD with win xp and os x and have option of booting to either. Or, I was going to install os x on one drive and win xp and vista on another. Just in case I wanted to redo the OSX install and keep win untouched. If doing this route, how can I write the MBR to have options of booting to the desired os? Lastly, got any solutuions to video card, got a geforce 8800gt 512mb and installed the NVKUSH and it made things worse. Thanks, Asus P5Q pro bios 1613 Intel core 2 Duo E8400 Corsair Dominator 4gb Zotac geforce 8800gt 512mb