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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    ok now i have nearly crashed my netbook... yesterday i have "installed" chain0 in xp and edited the boot.ini so the osx is default. Ok the problem after that was, that the darwin boot loader preselected the windows partition to boot, so the xp bootloader appears and then darwin ... a loop till i manually select OSX1. Because this is anoying i looked for a way to change the default boot partition in darwin. At this time i edited in the com.Boot.apple.plist, as described on the darwin homepage, the selection "Kernel Flags" with rd=... . But now OSX is not booting anymore... So i want to remove my changes in the plist. But with the OSX-Bootcd there is no "nano" oder "vi" even no "sudo" in the terminal. And with my Linux Live-CD i can only read not write on the OSX-partition, although using sudo. There was one strange thing with the terminal in the osx boot cd, it was called bash not terminal, i don´t know but i remember that there is difference between them... Can somebody help me and tell me how to edit the .plist outside osx?? ok downloaderz helped me to get into my installed osx via the live-cd! THANKS A LOT Do somebody knows how to change the default osx correctly? I tried rd=disk0s3, but darwin still prefer windows...
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    i need your help guys! I´ve been using osx for 2 month now and all "is" working great! But today i wanted to go into the bios but i accidently typed f4 and got into the recovery. I escaped from it, but it had already written a new mbr. Since then my nc10 automatically boot xp without osx option! And i can´t activate or something else in the diskmanagement in xp, as described in the guide! Maybe someone of, who boot with the xp bootmanager can tell me his entries in the boot.ini? Or can someone tell me how to get osx bootloader back? THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR HELP!
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi! I want to reduce the noise of my NC10. I´m already using the superhai kext to use Speedstep which i have manuelly set to 800Mhz! But the fan is still annoying from time to time! I want to have the "silent mode" as in Windows! Is it possible to undervolt oder reduce the speed/clock of the Graphicadapter? In Ubuntu (with an other Laptop) you were able to switch between several speedmodes using the terminal! Maybe in OSX it´s the same? Sorry for my bad english!
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Exactly! That´s what is changed! I got the new kext from here: http://forums.msiwind.net/mac/good-news-sp...-t4932-120.html And till now it is working very good, although the fan activty is nearly the same!
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    i have installed the kext from superhai which was modified from someone so there is no kernel panic anymore. I will see if it works! But can you describe me, how i can change the clockspeed with the kext manually?
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    hi to everyone! I have a short question: has anybody used the programm coolbook ( http://www.coolbook.se/CoolBook.html )before on the nc10? It should reduce the fan activity! And i would enjoy this a lot! But i´m not shure if will work with this version of osx? I have read in an other forum, that it works with the msi wind, so maybe with the nc10 too! If you only try the programm you aren´t able to change the settings, but it reads the wright frequency and temperature. Before i spend 10 $ it would be awesome to get some experiences!
  7. Hallo, ich versuche nun schon die ganze Zeit Leo4all V.4.0 auf meinem Laptop zu installieren. Die Installation klappt auch einwandfrei, dh er bootet normal, ich kann alle verschiedenen Treiber auswählen dann habe ich die CD untersuchen lassen, fehlerfrei, auch die Installation selber verläuft reibungslos. Wenn ich dann aber neustarte und ich bei im Bootmenü OSX auswähle, startet er nach 5 Zeilen neu. Auch -x oder -s verändern daran nichts. Ich habe schon alle möglichen Kombinationen von Kernel etc ausprobiert, aber eher auf gut Glück als auf Wissen... Die letzte Zeilen die angezeigt werden sind: Loading HFS+ file .... /Extensions.mkext from ... starting Darwin/x86 dann kommt der Neustart... mein Laptop: (laut Everest) Intel Pentium M 725 1,6 GHz Motherboard Chipset: Intel Odem i855PM-333 ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Ich hoffe inständig dass mir einer von euch weiterhelfen kann! Währenddessen werde ich mal nach der iAtkos und der Kalyway suchen.
  8. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Is see the properties... and i had no welcome loop... ...sorry...
  9. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    i have used the 10.5.6 iso from biketown like SilSha... then i installed the german package linked above and everything is working quite fine!
  10. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi, it is strange that the german package does not work for you! I´ve used it with the 10.5.6 from mysticus, and now i have a full german osx!
  11. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    @SilSha take a look here!
  12. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hello! I know i had a really bad start... And im sorry for that, im really thankfull for the hard work you have done to get macosx working on the NC10! And i know you have more important things to do than answering to all the repeating questions. But now i have a problem where i couldnt find an answer in a lot of threats and topics, and maybe you can help me: i want to use the headphone switch, so i installed the CHUD from Biketown. But for this development tool i dont find a script. Then i found a shell script which was made for the MSI Wind and edited by a user called adie to work for the NC10, but this one doesnt work for me(it breaks with an error "unaligned base adress"). I tried in the way described here , without the quicksilverpart. Normally i use Linux so i know how to handle with the terminal... Maybe because it was created for the MSIWindosx86.iso and there are different drivers? Can anybody give me a link to a working script to switch between headphones and internal speakers? This would be great! Thanks a lot!
  13. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    im sorry. Next time i will do it better. I was just suprised about the reaction concerning my question... So am i wright, when i say, that for the scroll panel there will be no solution in the nearby future, but for multitouch there is a workaround?
  14. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    the problem was i did not find any answer of this thread when i was using the search with the keyword "scrolling" so i thougt it wasnt mentioned yet! Maybe im not able to use the search correctly, i dont know.. Then i was asking, if somebody knows to activate scrolling... and i got rather an insult than an aswer. So im sorry for wasting your time and the space!
  15. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    @G4-Flo thanks, but i didnt ask für multitouch... only for the right scrollpanel i think this is a forum and if there are 51 pages you couldnt expect from everyone to read every single page. I used the search but with no result, so i asked one "stupid" question... Did you drink too much yesterday so your head is going to explode, or why are so unpleasent?