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  1. I plugged in this soundcard that i had been using in windows to the mac and it detected it just fine. But the card comes with a remote and i would like to use it but it does not work as there is no software installed on the mac. I tried looking for drivers/software for the card and there doesnt seem to be anything out there. If theres anyone out there who has the same card and is facing the same issue hit me up and let me know how you found a way around it. Thanks
  2. djeko

    Universal Audio Plugins

    I couldnt get some of the plugins in Pluggo to work. It would hang on load...
  3. djeko

    reason to logic upgrade

    Im busy with school right now so i havent gotten down to making any new tracks yet, just exploring the program, but yeah rewire is a great idea, the only thing is I run reason on my windows laptop, and have logic on my mac mini. I know logic has distributed processing capabilities, but can i run rewire through, say a router from the ethernet port? Yeah I like the ES1 and sculpture works wonders on padsounds. I'll be throwing down some tracks cos i'll have plenty of time and questions for you guys in the summer. Thanks for the tip man.
  4. djeko

    reason to logic upgrade

    Hey guys im new here. Ive been producing tracks on reason for quit sometime now. mostly drum n bass and some edm. I just purchased a copy of logic 7. OMG its sooo bad ass i love it. The sequencer is a little more complicating than reason, imo, but i guess i'll get used to it in no time. I was wondering if any of you out there are using logic to produce DnB. I have a whole load of rex loops that i can load in the drRex player in reason, is there a way i can convert these into a format that a device could accept in logic? I was thinking converting the loops to wav, but then that would not allow me to indicidually adjust each sound within the loop. Also do any of you veterans have any tips for a first timer of this crazy cool program. thanks