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  1. Steve P.

    iTunes Language/Character Problems

    Ok... disregard the last post. I went ahead and solved the problem using the method described by Luke255. It wasn't so tough after all. I had to re-customize all my user settings, but at least I can see my library now.
  2. Steve P.

    iTunes Language/Character Problems

    Hello. I am new to this Forum, as well as being a new Mac user. I have had my MacBook Pro for just over a week now, and have this same issue (exactly - same glyphs). When I open the "More Info" pane for the songs, everything still comes up in English, but the other language is used in the library (Hebrew?)... Was it determined that the solution Luke255 posted above solves this problem? My version of iTunes if 8.0.2, and I'm running OSX 10.5.6 As a new Mac user, I'm not too familiar yet with the ins and outs of the OS, so the simplest solution would be great, even if it means losing ratings, playcounts, preferences, etc (even iTunes settings is fine, I have no problem re-customizing it). Thanks in advance!