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  1. Problem (sort of) solved: I had to delete AirPortAtheros40.kext plugin from IO80211Family.kext and use an Ethernet connection. Turns out that the WN951N is supported only by Dual-Core CPUs and will freeze up higher-end ones. I couldn't find an immediate solution. :/
  2. No other DSDT alterations. My Wi-Fi card is TP-Link TL-WN951N that works OOB. Could it be the problem? I tried setting my busratio to 34 and 39 (Turbo Mode) and it still freezes up.
  3. So I successfully installed 10.8.2 using a USB flash then upgrading to 10.8.2 using combo update. It works perfectly except for this one problem : It freezes without cpus=1! It works fine for like, one minute then everything stops moving. Mouse, keyboard, moving items on the screen.. If I boot with cpus=1 everything works fine. Even played some games with it. I looked up the DSDT fix which includes removing aliases from the CPU section, the DSDT did not even have them. What's the way of fixing the thing? My computer's specs: Core i7-3770/GA-H77-DS3H/4GB RAM/EVGA GTX 660Ti Ideas? :/
  4. I can't download Install.zip because the website is seemingly blocked in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Right. Have anyone got the Golden Master copy? It's here already!
  6. Ordaz

    New DP Build out.

    Installed it and rebooted. I can't see much of a visible change though. :/
  7. OK, installed DP4, it's working perfectly, but no PS/2 Support and there's a weird glitch with the logon screen, before it shows up it shows some pixel patches and random colors, then it whites out and the logon screen comes in. Anyone has this happening?
  8. Ordaz

    Anyone installed DP4?

    Of course! Just added it. I thought I should've done it already anyway.
  9. Ordaz

    Anyone installed DP4?

    Just booted up DP4. It's awesome! Supports full QE/CI on my crappy Radeon HD 4350 OOB (Recognized as ATI 4600)!! and boots up in 20 seconds time. Runs smoothly on 64Bit. But I had to add Ethernet and Audio kexts to make them work. It doesn't support my PS/2 keyboard. Had to use a USB one instead. Besides, have anyone seen the glitchy screen before it dashes to the desktop? It displays some patches here and there then works normally
  10. Try putting LegacyAppleRTC.kext with Extra folder. Maybe it'd work
  11. I managed to install DP3 without using a USB Stick. Just used a small chunk of the HDD without installing Chameleon and it worked. I'm downloading DP4 and will see how it works. Thanks for the guide.
  12. Ordaz

    [HOW TO] ATI HD 4350

    I want to say that this works FLAWLESSLY with Mac OS X Lion DP3 (with ATY_Init) and Mac OS X 10.6.2 for ATI Radeon HD 4350 on VGA. Thanks a lot for this guide Switch to a DVI Screen if you're using a VGA. VGA-DVI Dongles, VGAs and HDMIs won't work with 10.6.7
  13. So my ATI Radeon HD 4350 sh*t card doesn't cut it anymore. I want QE/CI on my Hac PC and I've killed it already 5 times for that. The point is, I'm thinking of moving to a faster, more compatible NVIDIA card (say, the GTS 250 1024MB using VGA display) . I'm currently dual-booting Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Windows 7 SP1. Upgrading my GFX Card with Windows won't be a problem. But what should I do for OS X? Should I install kexts or delete other kexts? I don't want to kill the computer again because I have a tonnage of downloads and updates installed already.
  14. انا عندي لابتوب متل ده وانا استعملت كل النسخ بس افضلهم كانوا iPC 10.5.6 Universal للماك ١٠٫٥ و للماك ١٠٫٦ استعملت iPortable Snow 10.6.2 انصحك باستخدام iPortable لانه اصغر وبحتاج لوصلة USB بدل انه ينسخ لدي في دي. Have a Happy mac
  15. Ordaz

    Can't get OS X to boot!

    Bump. Anyone here can help?