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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had legally purchased the bits from the AppStore. But I suspect that gives you 10.7.2 which errors out during install. After I downloaded OSX Lion 10.7.0 from ... ahem, a friend... the install was able to proceed.
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I'm having the same problem. 1) Created USB using the Lion BootMaker and the manual process from page 1 2) Booting from USB, the apple screen appears, followed by the "Connect Mouse" screen, followed by Language Screen 3) After selecting English, the error message "Installation Cannot Continue" appears with a choice of viewing the log or saving the log Have others encountered this? Any solutions or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Trying to separate the issues around installing SnowyWindOSX or any other SL on the MSI Wind Nettop series of desktops. These come with either the Atom 330 (dual core 64-bit) or the single core Atom (32-bit). As I think the single core is very similar to the Wind netbook, I'll want to focus this thread on the dual core which seems to have it's own problems. So I've tried to install Dalton's SnowyWindOSX on my Wind Nettop after successfully doing so on my Wind Netbook. But after the install and reboot I get a kernel panic saying, "Unrecognized CPU". After modifying the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfig/com.apple.Boot.plist to include the kernelflag "cpus=1", I get a different kernel panic saying, "Should have 2 Cores, but only found 1 for Die 0" Has anyone been able to install SnowLeopard on a Wind nettop 330 using SnowyWindOSX or Vanilla? If so what tricks are required? Thanks in advance Laotzu
  4. Hi Ryemac3 Could you possibly contribute to the forum by adding a step-by-step guide to your success? If you have 10.6.1 working with video and wifi you've done quite well and would love to replicate your success. Thanks Laotzu3
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    So I've installed iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) on my x61 tablet but can't get wifi working for the life of me. I've used OSX85Tools Utility to verify that my wifi card is Atheros AR5212 802.11abg [168c:1014] I've edited the Info.plist section IONameMatch to have the following as the lead entry in the array: <string>pci168c,1014</string> Then I've tried rebooting, rebooting with -f, using kexthelper on IO80211Family.kext. But it never recognizes the card. When I run "kextload -vt /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext" I get the following errors: AppleGMACEthernet.kext is not valid resolving dependencies for kernel extensions with validation and authentication failures kernel extension /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext has problems: Missing dependencies: { "com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily" = "A valid compatible version of this dependency cannot be found" } Can anyone assist me with troubleshooting this error? Thanks in advance, Laotzu