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  1. thanks a million, Rakusson it works BTW have checked this link for Graphic cardhttp://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file...1442&page=2 In the beginning I had this problem also, make sure u add boot arch=i386 in kernel flag in the com.apple.boot.plist then install Appleps2controller.kext and appleacips2nub.kext.in Extra/Extentions or system/library/extentions.(using kext helper) <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> or else u can try the combination of vodoops2controller.kext and appleacips2numb.kext with or without arch=i386 Hope it works..
  2. Intel core2duo e4600 2.4ghz, 3gb ddr2, gigabyte g41m-es2l rev. 1.0, ide dvd writer, wd 500gb HD, RAM 3gb. Bios setting defaults..HPET 64bit, ACPi S3 installed Chameleon RC5 752 on lion partition, default dsdt.aml, com.apple.boot.plist.: <key>arch</key> <string>i386</string>, kexts in extra/extensions/ fakesmc, legacyapplertc,jmicron36xata,nucpupowermanagement and alc8xxhda.kext. No kexts deleted in s/l/e kexts in s/l/e , appleps2controller, appleacpips2numb. deleted s/l/coreservices/platformsupport.plist After fresh lion installation ps2 keyboard is not detected but ps2 mouse works fine .hence, post installation process does not start like welcome screen, language selection, date etc. strangely the keyboards lights are still functional they switch on/off on respective numlock and capslock pressing etc.. same above problem encountered in lion through the xps bootloader also..
  3. pls help, Currently using OS Windows xp sp3 32 bit edition pc mercury motherboard nvidia chipset 610i nforce 7050 ram 667mhz 2gb ram single. intel core 2 duo processor 2.4ghz E4600 Award bios nvidia nforce network controller 1 port idt audio 6.1 , front audio and back supported nvidia geforce 7050 6 usb port hardisk seagate 160 sata port 6 gb pata, ide port LG dvd writer sata port HARDDISK ON SATA MODE PS2 - KEYBOARD AND MOUSE no overclocking done. sli technology not soppurted by system. installed ideneb 10.5 v 3.0 with nforce patch. Changed hardisk mode from sata to acpi. but the system keeps on rebooting. pls advise me which mac distribution should i choose and changes which my pc requires thanks