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  1. Extremely Fast CPU Clock

    Hey everyone, Specifications: Aspire V5-473G-6814 * Intel i5 4200U 1.6GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz * Geforce GT 740M (2GB) Optimus with Intel HD Integrated * 8GB DDR3 * Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Adapter * Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Ethernet * Synaptics Touchpad So the laptop came with Windows 8 pre-installed, and I partitioned by shrinking the existing partition and installing Mavericks 10.9 using Chameleon using a flash drive with the patched kernel for Haswell to prevent the kernel panic from occurring. Mavericks was installed successfully and could be booted into using Legacy Boot and Chameleon using the -x flag to boot into safe mode as the Geforce graphics card prevents the OS from booting. Upon the first boot, all of the graphics kexts were deleted to allow boot without the -x flag. It was now possible to boot with Chameleon into MacOSX. I was told to try out Clover as a bootloader which allowed a UEFI boot. By using Clover the resolution and QE/CI for the Intel Graphics was fixed and I was able to boot into both Windows and OSX from the boot menu without breaking neither of the installs. The only problem is that by using Clover the clock of the CPU is running extremely fast (This is seen by the clock running for a minute every 5 seconds). This makes it extremely hard to use the system as all keystrokes are being input many types in a second. The graphics become extremely glitched and the entire system becomes unusable. Since Clover is relatively new for me I haven't figured out how to use much if it yet, and I haven't seen anyone else having the same problem that I have. I would also need to disable the Geforce in the system to save battery life, get audio, ethernet, and maybe wifi running as well with speedsteps and sleep support, but initially I would like to solve the problem of the fast clock. I've also noticed that in Clover the specifications of CPU might be incorrect but I am not sure. Anyone? All and any help will be appreciated! Thanks and have a Happy New Year! Any
  2. Lenovo Y560 DSDT

    Hey I tried your new DSDT and the driver for ALC272 and the VGA port worked with the new DSDT. I'm having trouble using it though as if I turn on mirroring the screen on the external gets distorted and without mirroring it works fine. I also need to add a higher resolution as all the resolutions listed are not the full resolution of my monitor. The modified ALC272 kext on the other hand did not work. I used kextstat to see if the kext was loaded and it wasn't loaded so maybe I need to add my device IDs or something. I will send you the new IOreg. Also would it be possible for you to send me the modifications you made in the DSDT as I have another DSDT with the VGA not working but it has shutdown and restart working perfectly so hopefully I can combine them together or something. Edit: Added DSDT Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfoicqwtsw962y3/famousginni_new.ioreg
  3. Lenovo Y560 DSDT

    Here are the files that you requested. Keep in mind I have QE/CI with FullRes enabled using native Lion Drivers with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, and AtiConfig=Orangutan. The HDMI works without sound, but the VGA does not. DSDT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eyjj32t70acq9tl/dsdt.dsl IOREG: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbt1vemqmp81rnb/famousginni.ioreg I tried attaching them as attachment but for some reason it wouldn't let me so I used dropbox instead.
  4. Lenovo Y560 DSDT

    So, I've gotten 10.7.1 running on my laptop. I could say 95% of it is working. My VGA port is not working, the battery life is meh even with Native SpeedStep working, and the audio through HDMI isn't working. I have a ALC272 on this laptop running with Voodoo HDA, but I would prefer if I can get it working without it. Many of the fixes that I've see that might work use DSDT and I no nothing. I've tried following tutorials but that isn't working... anyone want to help me with this daunting task?
  5. It's been a long 8 hours trying to get this working, and I am now confused. I've installed 10.7.1 on my laptop with a USB and have gotten Bluetooth working out of the box (I can't turn it off), I've gotten sound working using Voodoo HDA, the Keyboard and Trackpad are working (No Multitouch YET), Broadcom Ethernet working flawlessly, and finally my ATI 5730m working with full QE/CI with no additional kexts with the HDMI Port also working. My problem lies with the Wireless (Intel BGN 1000) and the ATI 5730. I know the wireless won't work or will only work with unsecured networks. I've tried using IO80211.kext but that didn't work so if anyone can point me in the right direction to even get it semi-working I'll be good. The problem with the ATI 5730 is that I want to get HDMI audio working and my VGA port working as well as my external monitor is VGA. I realized that you can do this with DSDT but I am clueless and have no experience with that, so I will need a little help. So, if anyone wants to help out please do and hopefully I can create a guide for this laptop as the few other guides that are present are severely outdated. Thanks
  6. DSDT needed for Dell Inspiron 6400

    Sorry to bring back this thread from the dead but I also have a Dell 6400 laptop with a ATI x1400 , no bluetooth, wifi, and 2GHz intel core duo. I'm new with this DSDT hacking and I was wondering how I am supposed to set it up for my laptop. Hopefully someone can help this noob out. I've searched the forums and can't seem to understand the tutorials..
  7. Ok, after exhausting all the methods available to me. I tried out Rebel EFI to see if it would boot the SL installation on my computer. Surprisingly it booted and installed and I successfully have it working. Now I'm trying to get rid of the Rebel EFI. I've installed ChameleonRC4 with the fakesmc.kext, and on boot I'm stuck at Waiting for DSMOS. I don't know what to do. If I boot from the CD the system works fine but if I don't it gets stuck on "Waiting for DSMOS". Any ideas? Thanks in advance! =D
  8. 10.6 on Asus P5N73-AM

  9. 10.6 on Asus P5N73-AM

    Ok, after a long time I've returned to my desktop. After successfully installing Snow Leopard many times on my Dell 6400 laptop, I felt that I needed to give my desktop a new life. Even though I had 10.5.2 Kalyway running very nicely on my desktop... 10.5.2 is getting old, and I would like to update it to the latest 10.6.6. So I went out and bought a brand new hard drive for this install. Now after following the nVidia guide for Snow Leopard... I was utterly confused, and I haven't gotten to the part where I can boot the installation media. So I'm asking for help. Weird thing is that although my hard drives work perfectly fine, I don't have a SATA DVD Drive, but only a PATA drive.. This has been causing problems since I think my drive doesn't like OSX, as it get extremely slow at booting Mac stuff.. so I'd thought I try another drive... same thing on this drive. I've tried different installation medias but none of them work.. so I'm forced to use USB's. Anyways, the specs are below... and I'm starting my journey.... anyone want to help me? I'm also thinking about getting a GFX card and I have the following options: (XFX, ASUS, Gigabyte) Geforce 8400GS (ASUS, Gigabyte) GeForce 210 (XFX, Powercolor) Radeon 4350 (XFX) Radeon HD 4550 (Powercolor) Radeon 3450 (Gigabyte, MSI, eVGA) Geforce GT 210 (ASUS, Gigabyte, Sapphire) Radeon 5450 Motherboard: ASUS P5N73-AM (NVIDIA GeForce 7050/nForce 610i) Hard Drive 1: 500GB Hitachi SATA Drive with 3 Partitions (Windows 7, Backup, Storage) Hard Drive 2: 120GB Samsung SATA Drive with 2 Partitions (OSX 10.5.2, Empty Space for 10.6) CD/DVD ROM: LG DVD-ROM DRD-8160B Sound: VIA VT1708B 8 -Channel High-Definition Audio Video: Motherboard InBuilt (Planning to buy new) Ethernet: Realtek RTL8201CP, 100/10
  10. Well, I used the -v flag and it didn't work. I figured out that the video driver was incorrect and I re-installed it, this time I didn't choose any video driver and guess what? It worked, the install booted and showed me the welcome video although it was a little laggy, but everything else was fine. Now if I need any drivers for this please let me know and let me know what kext and how to install them, because this is the first time I've gotten this far. Um, my sound and networking also don't work so I probablly need kexts for that also. Video: NVidea 7050/ NForce 610i (Shared: 256 MB) Audio: VIA VT1708B Networking: Realtek RTL8201CP
  11. Well, after very few responses from the community... downloading and trying EVERY different iso from different releasers (iAtkos, iDeneb, iPC, Kalyway....)available. I've finally managed to install Kalyway 10.5.2 The install went perfectly. Just incase I save the install logs to a usb drive while it was installing. Keep in mind that this install log was saved a while before the install was completed so it isn't complete. Once the install was complete, it told me it was going to reboot. The black screen with a cursor appeared and it never restarted. I manually restarted the computer by pressing the reset button. Booted into Darwin, and it selected the OSX. The loading screen came up like the one shown here. And then i got a error which told me to restart the computer. Like the one shown below. I've tried booting with -v and also -x. But it didn't work. Any Help Please.. I know it should work because the install went fine.. maybe its the kexts or something. I also think I might have chosen the wrong video drivers, I have a NVidea 7050 with Shared Memory and I'm sharing 128MB so I chose NVInject-128. Is that the right one? Other than that .. any help would be appreciated. Please..
  12. Installing iPC on ASUS P5N73-AM

    Ok, I burned the DVD. (iPC 10.5.6) Booted it with the following settings in my BIOS. SATA = AHCI HDD S.M.A.R.T = ON and everything else set to normal. I booted with the -v flag After a 30 seconds The "Still Waiting For Root Device Error" pops up and nothing happens after that. I really want to get this working, so if you can help me please do. I know for a fact that others have also gotten this to working with the same Chipset as mine, but after googling i haven't had much luck.
  13. Well, this is my second attempt at installing OSX86. My first attempt failed miserably, (My Hard Drive Died - Kalyway 10.5.2). I am installing iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 (No its not the Dual Layer Version) It would be nice if anyone can help me install it. These are the specs for my computer: Motherboard: ASUS P5N73-AM (nVidea GeForce 7050 / nForce 610i) CPU: Intel Dual Core CPU E2200 2.20 GHz. Memory: 2.00GB CD-ROM: LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B ATA Device HDD: Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 ATA Device (500 GB) * Partition 1: Windows 7 (78.13GB NTFS) * Partition 2: Empty Space for OSX86 (39.06GB Un-Formatted) * Partition 3: Documents, Multimedia (329.04GB NTFS) * Partition 4: Music (19.53GB NTFS) I have Windows 7 installed. I have the iPC 10.5.6 DVD Burned Ready-to-go. Can I have Windows 7 installed on a NTFS partition? What setting should I boot OSX86 with (-v?) What should I format the partition to? HFS? What things should I install? (Drivers, Kernels? ) How can I dual-boot it? (Windows 7, OSX) Any drivers (kexts) I need to install to have everything working?
  14. Kalyway 10.5.2 Once Again

    Hi, I had problems in the past with installing OSX86 and I was thinking of trying again. (I got a new PC) It would be nice if someone walked me through this. Currently I have a: ASUS P5N73-AM (Geforce 7050 / nForce 610i(256MB - Shared) Intel Core Duo E2200 @ 2200GHz . 2GB of Memory 500GB Hitachi Hard Drive -Partition1: Windows 7 Build:7100 (117.19GB)(NTFS) -Partition2: Storage (329.04GB) (NTFS) -Partition3: OS Backup (20GB) (NTFS) LG DVD-RW DRIVE High Definition Audio Device (VIA Tecnologies) Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Image - I want to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and OSX86. Can anyone help me out.

    Well after getting the osx86 installed apparently my hard drive started to die. After the install I started on my computer and got the BIOS message of no operating system found to boot off of. I read somewhere that after the installation of OSX you need to fix the mbr. So i inserted the XP disk and ran the fixmbr utility. This unfortunatly didn't fix my problem. So I decided to insert the mac boot cd and try to do something from there. This also didn't work because it wouldn't show me any of the partitions on the drive. I then inserted the XP cd to run the fdisk util so i can wipe my hd and start all over. Although my hd is 500GB big (3 Partitionns: 1) NTFS _ XP OS _ 129GB. 2) NTFS _ STORAGE _ 299GB. 3) MAC OS Extended Journaled_ 40GB.) fdisk only showed the 1st partiton with XP on it, and it also showed that this partitons was not formatted. So now i have 128GB of space and 339GB of space is lost. Is there anyway i can completely erase my hd, so i can recover the lost amount of space.? PS: I also tryed formatting that unpartitioned space (129GB) and installing XP but the installation fails.