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  1. 10.4.8 (99.5% pure) for SSE2 Install Guide

    Hi SaberSHO Thanks for the excellent guide. Any news on the kernel panic with ACPICPUThrottle? Cheers
  2. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Scroll further down on moninfo window you will see the modeline info, the 1st is dotclock, the next four 4-digits numbers are for HTimmings, the final four for VTimmings. Good luck.
  3. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Hey, EN Tech's Monitor Asset Manager 1.26 is handy for those of you can't be bothered to boot into dos or having difficulties with get-edid-do. You can download at http://entechtaiwan.net/util/moninfo.shtm. Once installed you can run the programme and cut&past the info into edid-out format.
  4. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Omni, beta 2 works for me with x600 mobility. First time having it on full resolution at 1680x1050. Many thanks.
  5. Callisto Technical Discussion

    cyclonefr, my screen is so bad that the desktop not usable, no can I start any programme. I need to reset Callisto's setting before trying anything else. btw, did you see omin's troubleshoot about the problem: "move the cursor with keyboard..." Only if I can go beack to a working desktop to try.
  6. Callisto Technical Discussion

    With the problem of "White screen with blue vertical lines on mode change", how can I change back to the original resolution? Callisto seems to remember a setting somewhere, anyone knows? When Callisto is disabled, screen res does go back to the previous. Thanks!
  7. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Samsung X50 notebook with x600. No kernel panic and drive loads. When changing display resolution, screens goes white with light blue lines. LCD detected as CRT. MAny thanks for let us to try your driver.