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  1. CONFIRMED 10.6.6 EP45-UD3LR-work flawless, just need to reKexthelper AppleHDA /like before/.
  2. sound? works to, dont need to replace old drivers?
  3. did someone try 10.6.6? or need ill be the first?
  4. yes it helps, thx very much can u explain me,detailed, why is this problems appear,and what is this ESB ? why this things not integrated in Kakewalk?
  5. thx ill try it now ....but why this situation not integrated into Kakewalk?
  6. thx for advice but my problem is not usb/orange/hotswap, but sata hotswap , any ideas in this case?
  7. thx, but i dont need this ,couse i try the last: ALC888 EP45-UD3LR-SL10.6.4 again,and it works, i leave it, next update i will use another, or your idea,at this point i say thanx anyway, someone have idea,way i loose sata hdd HOT-Swap function on EP45-UD3LR with Kakewalk install?
  8. well, updated to 10.6.5 and no sound, we need to get ALC driver for 10.6.5 EP45-UD3LR
  9. Issues with the 9800gt 1gb

    well, sorry dude...after a lot of digging work i give up for a wile..and use dvi-monitor / works everytime/ vga-vga / on tv :S / but if i find solution course post it here, dont give up...
  10. well i got the same gigabyte 9800gt 1gb card and i cant get it work. can u please fill some words about how u can et it work with NVenabler... 1.com.apple.Boot.plist ? 2.copy NVenabler 64 kext >> /Extra 3 kexthelper thats all? oh , i got VGA-DVI-HDMI >wanna get> DVI-simple monitor HDMI-Samsung 32" TV
  11. EP45-UD3LR ALC888 SnowLeopard 10.6.4 delete from Extensions the same file and use this. Can we implement this into Kakewalk 2.3? still wait for HDMI problem? anyone? HDMI freeze osx11 ALC888_EP45_UD3LR_SL10.6.4.zip
  12. i found 10.6.5 delta...somewhere, and no, it dont fix our problems.. we need to find a way to get those HDMI out work elseway
  13. Greetings all, Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR +Q8300+Gigabyte NV9800GT 1Gb Few ideas: since i use Kakewalk 2.2 the install works great and easy, but i got few problems: - no hotswap functions - NV9800Gt /HDMI-VGA-DVI/ in 10.6.2-up..the HDMI TV freeze the OS /HDCP problem or what/ everything works great, good job, but i willbe glad if someone can give me ideas to fix this problems. thx
  14. Issues with the 9800gt 1gb

    Well, i have Gigabyte 9800Gt 1Gb, and in 10.6.2-up is there a problem with HDMI monitor/tv... In 10.5.x everything works OTB, in 10.6.1 ok, in 10.6.2 we can use 10.6.1 kexts /NVDanvhal,Resman/ but up i cant figure out what to do. couse osx have somekind of problem with HDCP signals or what..... If someone can tell me how can this fixed i will be helpfull and very glad.. or just give ideas please Couse at the moment i cant use my 32" Tv. thx