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  1. Can you share latest DSDT for this mobo ? I can't start lion without DSDT, i use chameleon2
  2. Great! Work with Graebags's Lion guest, patch for Fusion and.... InstallESD.dmg (for mac, not need prepare image)
  3. I don't state that the method doesn't work, I tell that result of loading with InstallESD.dmg and MyInstaller.cdr same, it is the gray screen and an iridescent wheel Besides at me costs VMVare Fusion 3.1.2, or you have something is newest? Then I spoke that from a manual took lion.nvram, and he swore on that that at me not Apple MacOSX 10.6 Server GUEST!!!! Can you upload work GUEST, without an image of the system???? If you say, add link to THIS manual )
  4. Attention: "http://www.obviouslogic.com:8080/solutions/lion-vmware" none need when you try start on VMVare Fusion, get similar result (grey screen and rainbow spin cursor) when change smc to False just need: - lion.nvram ( change smc to False, because it write about my VM is not a Apple Mac OS X 10.6 Server) - InstallESD.dmg
  5. This method don't work, when i add monitor.virtual_exec = "hardware" monitor.virtual_mmu = "software" and change smc.present = "TRUE" -> "FALSE" it start boot, and show me pre desktop gray screen and rainbow T_T
  6. iTux

    Snow Leo 10.6.3 on P5B Deluxe

    Upload it to External file server or you are SPAMer and need be a panished!!! Because you do a provide of other forum
  7. The latest of my iHackBook screenshot... and the last... ithink
  8. Try this drivers. On my EEEPC901 same card, and 10.6.3 snow leo (32bit) @Rapidshare: "Your file has been saved and can now be downloaded 10 times. It will be deleted after 60 days without download. If you would like to enable more people to download your file, please transfer it to a free Collector's Account or a Premium Account." http://rapidshare.com/files/387254142/STA_...9_02_17.dmg.htm MD5: EDC8CC12BFEDE99A7EDE34E7A10B4131
  9. iTux


    Anybody know? how to up gma x3100
  10. First of all, did it work on Pentium D or i need patched kernel ? Then, how about GMA X3100 onboard ?
  11. The best BT dongle that work with any Apple BT device is any dongle on CSR chip ^__^
  12. iTux

    HOWTO: Intel DP965LT and others

    For LAN look here.... http://x86osx.com/bbs/view.php?id=networkc...1c06ae472250c19 ^______^ 2.Audio-SigmaTel 9227 Look netkas forum for SFX EFI String )))))
  13. iTux

    any success on INTEL DQ35JO mobo?

    Perfect work ^___^ but install on other PC... and run native onto this MOBO The Network Card not work (find working kext) The sound ... yet test... ^___^
  14. if we steal MacOS, why not use Paragon NTFS for Mac stealed too