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  1. I thought that the GE has a PCI-E 2.0 slot? sorry about that, what i meant is mini PCIe which is available on other itx by zotac.. or unless im really out of the loop and you can fit an airport card on a PCI Express slot which is for Graphic Cards.. you did read my post and the other post before me right? if so then it's already answered.
  2. as of this writing, YES everything will work except for the GE's ethernet after waking up from sleep.. if you don't let it sleep then you'll be fine. note: you need to set it to never sleep in system preference because auto sleep is working. also this "Airport PCI-e----------30" will not work! the GE doesn't have a spare PCIe because the wifi included is connected via USB header.. your only option is to buy a USB wifi or choose other ITX by Zotac tried this and deleted nvenet.kext but it didn't work, built in ethernet still can't pick up IP address after sleep..
  3. aha works! so that's how it needs to be set in BIOS. Thank you.. now all we need is a working MUTE function. anyone? anyone notice that the PM profile isn't detected correctly? even setting it manually using system-type=1? @Chief acpidump added ACPI_Tables.zip
  4. no option like that, the only choice is either internal codec or external it's weird Chief because even using your v1.5 restart wont work (didn't test youtr kext before i post my message).. shutdown works natively though without doing anything in dsdt or patch. note: Ethernet after wake up is my/our priority for now since it's ok using one kext. havent tried booting yours/team (preRC5) in verbose, but i tried it using asere's 119 and it say's restart fix is applied but wont restart.. it's stuck on the black screen with fans on. didn't test it yet (out of town for 2 days) but are you pertaining to the nvenet kext? edit: Yes, nvenet kext is still loaded after sleep, but Ethernet is in red and can't pick any IP address this is the log after wake from sleep or auto sleep kernel NVEthernet::setLinkStatus - Valid but not Active kernel System Sleep SyncServer[285] [110ea0] |SyncServer|Warning| Refreshing watchdog because of a calendar time change alert. kernel Wake reason = EHC2 kernel System Wake kernel Previous Sleep Cause: 0 kernel USB (EHCI):Port 2 on bus 0x24 has remote wakeup from some device Apple80211 framework[118] Apple80211 framework ACInterfaceGetPower called with NULL interface Apple80211 framework[118] Apple80211 framework ACInterfaceGetPower called with NULL interface configd[13] configd network configuration changed. mDNSResponder[27] Note: DeregisterInterface: Frequent transitions for interface en0 hope this can be fixed since this board has a: working automatic sleep (a pain for other board including my gigabyte) b: working gigabit lan out of the box (lspci below, turns out it's the same as a macbook5,1) c: working bonjour out of the box (the first one i read/used that is working w/o a patch) attached on my next post. will attach it here when i get back, if anyone is reading this and wanna do it - please do so! we have the Chief on board who is more than willing to help us BTW this zotac is a really nice board and runs snow flawlessly.. if the LAN issue will be iron out (WIFI is a loss cause) - then this is gonna be a mac mini killer.. and thanks Chief, it's better posting here than replying in my PM note: lspci on ethernet and googling it gave me this http://en.opensuse.org/MacBook#Ethernet which is exactly the same as a Macbook5,1 which is why it works out of the box including bonjour.. audio seems to be the same too.. got a hold of of macmini3,1 dsdt (thanks to mm67) and MB5,1 dsdt (c/o projectosx) and tried experimenting and copied the entire GIGE entry but it didn't work (LAN after wake) hahaha.. here it is (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4770324/macmini3%2C1zotac.zip) if anyone wants it - speedstep is working and other stuff but LAN isn't after wakeup
  5. i'll answer that for you! Hope your questions and all my answer will hopefully clear things up.. also note that i can only speak of Zotac 9300 G-E so it may be different if you have other hardware version. yes it's NOT WORKING.. the GE doesnt have an extra PCI-e so yes it's via USB only if you wanna add wifi! bummer. mine is working out of the box, no kext, patch etc. and yes it wont turn on (wont detect an IP address on DHCP) after sleep another YES.. working out of the box including jumbo frames which is pretty surprising. now no more need for R1000 kext or ifconfig DSDT yes, there are 2 version (?) posted in this thread with 2 different NVCAP, tested it and both seems to be working fine. (note: haven't tested HDMI, VGA or Dual display - only DVI) YES again, you need dsdt + legacyHDA or dsdt + appleHDA in System/Library/Extensions.. bummer though because both method produce a sound assertion but it works fine.. anyone has a working kext w/o the sound assertion and a working MUTE? i have the GE and yes - wake on keyboard and mouse is working.. my Aluminum keyboard wont wake my system though, need mm67 expertise on this. edit: fixed! aluminum kb is waking my system now, hopefully LAN will be next *crossing fingers* another YES.. just add your processor scope and speedstep is working, i'm also using a macmini3,1 smbios.plist.. as for the dsdt, someone posted it a few pages back. YES! shutdown works w/o a fix or kext but restart wont so you still need evoreboot or openhalrestart.kext or Master Chief's osxrestart. another NO, mine wont restart even using the latest RC5 pre10 by Rekursor + Team or asere's 1.1.9 bootloader.. will try to post/PM the respective owner of the fix and hopefully we can ommit 1 kext in extra. .. YES it's working, but as mention above - if you sleep your machine then the ethernet wont detect DHCP. hope someone can fix this specially on the GE since bonjour and LAN works out of the box. YES, but again sleep = No ethernet basically the remaining issue is the LAN and a much better ALC662 kext or patch.. HTH
  6. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    indeed but what's causing it? i know now that it's not dsdt related (sorry mods for the OT) nor OSX86 since it's also not working on a same machine/hard drive running Win7 64bit.. now for the testing i've done quite a few already 4 machines 1: ES2L mobo 10.6.2 and WIN764bit w/ bios F8/F9/F10 tested 2: uni Macbook Pro 3: Mac Mini 4: HP mini netbook 2140 Win7 32bit 3 Apple original USB cable (2 USB cable came from the iPhone and 1 cable from iPod) 3 Apple Device 1: 32GB 3gs 2: 8gb 2G classic 3: iPod classic 160GB RESULTs: every machine, device and USB cables works except on my OSX86 hack (es2l mobo).. so i'm positively sure it's not the cables.. now what do you think? my motherboard has a somewhat defective USB and it only occurs on the 3Gs iPhone? did some googling too (here) and saw some having the same "charging not supported with this accessory" problem but they were related to their USB cables.. @ all - opinions are very much welcome and to the mods, i know this is already OT so feel free to delete this post if it deems necessary.
  7. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    YES turns out it's not the iPhone 3Gs nor OSX86.. but what could be the culprit?
  8. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    haha thanks again, unfortunately mine uses OSx86 for syncing because all my large media, podcast, appstore apps etc are in there.. well it's no biggie though since i can just transfer what i need to my MBP but it'll be a pain.. (edit: i forgot syncing is fine) this is the best i could get restore/update still a no go.. a screenshot of 2 iPhone plugged - the one on top is an iPhone 8GB 2G (charging and syncing).. i dont have a 3G iPhone so i have no means to test it.. weird e? thanks mm67 for the suggestion but yes i tried all four of my USB slot - i also tried 3 apple USB cable (2 from the iPhone2G and 3Gs and one from iPod with the lock mechanism) and all of them yield the same result - mounted but not charging and with an home screen error.. EDIT: booted on Windows 7 64bit and it's the same.. WT now what does it mean? BIOS (i'm on F10 right now but will try F9 or F8 a bit later)? broken USB (why it's only on the 3Gs)? defective motherboard??? hmmm.. new iPhone - new problem
  9. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    sync/charge via USB Phone 2G = OK iPod 160GB Classic = OK iPhone 32GB 3Gs = no joy for charge only sync what's funny is i restored/update the iPhone to 3.1.2 even with that warning (not charging) hehe.. anymore ideas or suggestion? good thing though is it's still syncing..
  10. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Thanks kdawg... i think so too but i believe it's supplying too much power (not sure)?? BTW just own a 3Gs just today so i cant be sure if it's working on an unmodded orig dsdt - will test in a while.. @all - any 3Gs owners out there? did you ever experience problems like above? specially with dsdt shutdown/usb fix from mm67? TIA edit: thanks mm67.. will try that in a while - upgrading this phone to the latest 3.1.2 and will test it after.. i'm still using your golden EHC and INI
  11. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    hhmm now this is weird.. my machine can't seem to charge my iPhone 3G via USB but on the older model 2G it's working.. iPhoto and iTunes can detect them but not charge the device.. anyone having this problem? ow it works on my MBP so i'm sure it's my hack that's causing this.. all i can think is the dsdt entry on my usb. TIA.
  12. Firewire issues

    yes PCI 3 port firewire 400, it's detected automatically without changing anything but i have the "runtime disabled" in my log.. as for the Linksys WMP300N PCI, no it's not detected - needed to modify the broadcom kext located in /s/l/e and add the device ID but after that all is working including bonjour- bummer though because i have to do this after every update. as for the nVidia i used to have a 1GB GTS 250 but given the size of it (dual slot) i need to choose if either i loose my Airport or firewire (ES2L has only 2 PCI slot) but in the end i kept them both and change to a single slot 9600gt since firewire is more important than a faster card.. it's working on either EFI strings or graphicsenabler but since i added firewire to show in my system profiler (cosmetic) then why not add them all here's how i did mine.. Device (PEGP) { Name (_ADR, 0x00010000) Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) { 0x09, 0x05 }) Device (GFX0) { Name (_ADR, Zero) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x18) { "AAPL,slot-name", "PCI-E x16", "@0,compatible", Buffer (0x0B) { "NVDA,NVMac" }, "@0,device_type", Buffer (0x08) { "display" }, "@0,name", Buffer (0x0F) { "NVDA,Display-A" }, "@1,compatible", Buffer (0x0B) { "NVDA,NVMac" }, "@1,device_type", Buffer (0x08) { "display" }, "@1,name", Buffer (0x0F) { "NVDA,Display-B" }, "NVCAP", Buffer (0x18) { /* 0000 */ 0x04, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x03, 0x00, /* 0008 */ 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x07, /* 0010 */ 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "VRAM,totalsize", Buffer (0x04) { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x20 }, "device_type", Buffer (0x0D) { "NVDA,GeForce" }, "model", Buffer (0x2A) { "XFX nVidia GeForce 9600GT Extreme Edition" }, "rom-revision", Buffer (0x06) { "3173a" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } }
  13. Firewire issues

    Thank you MacKonsti and off course kdawg for introducing the first fix.. hot plugging is back w/o the "FireWire runtime power conservation disabled".. question? - is "FireWire runtime power conservation disabled" even an error? what does it do? i believe mine works even if i have this in my log.. sorry if this is answered somewhere but just added PCI firewire on my board. - what does this do? "fwhub", Buffer (0x04) { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00} others use "fwports",? i didn't include this on my Device (FRWR) but should i? TIA. cool we have the same device.. mine is PCI 3 port FW400..
  14. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    so we wont see the verifying pool data text etc.. when we use this logo? how does it look on your 17? not sure if this will work on my 23 but if it's not much of a trouble mind uploading a video
  15. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Nope - sleep and wake works here check or uncheck on auto start after power fail after mm67 derive dsdt.. according to lspci i'm using RTL8111/8168B but according to network utility it's RTL8168C hehe so i'm using the latter on my dsdt. this is what i'm currently using but i tried something like yours before but still the same... Device (PEX1) .............. ................. .................. Device (GIGE) { Name (_ADR, Zero) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x08) { "device-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x68, 0x81, 0x00, 0x00 }, "AAPL,slot-name", "Built In", "name", "Realtek", "model", "Realtek RTL8168c Gigabit Ethernet" }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) }