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  1. T1028 tablet

    Have to confirm.iAtkos s3 working on this machine. The problem is slow working but have to try another kernel, but everything seems to work, no touch atm. Try usb way, get netbokinstaller to prepare bootable usb but don't install anything from this installer on the hdd, use it just to start iAtkos from the usb, and then restart and use without it ok after a fer hours can confirm, everything is working, video, wi fi, lan, touch,soud need to try sleep but no need for this anyway.Just install iAtkos s3 using usb pendrive made with netbokinstaller, bud use netbokinstaller only to boot usb, then don't install this on the hdd. Only one problem tablet works a bit laggy not sure why, copying via wifi or usb fast as normal but something is not working ok, just like kext lag with 8800 nvidia cards a while ago...
  2. T1028 tablet

    Guys, did u try iATKOS-S3 its a 10.6.3 distro.Maybe try this instead of trying go vanila? Have an iso atm, but no usb dvd
  3. T1028 tablet

  4. just use fluke and play flac natively
  5. try to install voodoo kernel again, and seatbelt, had same problem.
  6. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    after bios update got ide instead of sata, so do it first and u will be able to switch for it
  7. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    as i aid the only ver. of leo working for ma was 10.5.4 and nothing after , even newer leo itself, i am on native, ide mode at the moment,strange becouse leo was working before update also, but just try it, will post u some stuff so just keep an eye on mailbox
  8. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    hmmm strange have an external lg dvd and no problem try go to bios and in advance>ide configuration>legacy/native if this wont work try to get new bios firmware, just google t1028 bios seems like only change is from sata to ide combined mode, this may help.let me know about progress will send you some kexts after.cheers
  9. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    Ok so- 10.5.7 Is working with some new kexts, no cam affraid my friend but the rest of hardware is rockin... updated to the latest soft via upd site,using 4 cell battery, never went to Boot-123 have a big brother AMD so always was with leo in touch,and of course no Atheros driver at the moment,PM me if u need a kext or two
  10. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    enjoy Your mac tablet sensibly
  11. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    cant get sound, was trying everything, only hd audio in profile but no sound this is the last thing for me to do, no need for cam ok will try something this afternoon( instead of going for disco ehhh whats wrong with me ok got sound working- me idiot- forgot to remove azalia just need to swap for wi fi and everything working, can control with a finger or two:) nice and soft touchscreen LOL
  12. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    yes fn keys will work as a control goes from bios not a system so everything except wi fi will work, have no 3g so cant really say anything about.As i said will sudgest u to go with leo4all, no problem up to 10.5.5, with 10.5.6 need to work from terminal, just a couple days ago tried .7.... no comment so far eh.Have U got any solution for sound?System can see this as hd out , volume works but no sound in any way, even from output may go wit hardware mod, just get a usb mini sound card for 3 euro and try it, or will wait for some progress with soft... will see.now just need to swap wifi for some dell and I will have the nicest osx tablet cheers Ps. if u go with leo, just make sure u tick USB2.0 and Powermanagement-Laptops, no need any driver for BT, just press fn once installed system and will come to life
  13. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    Try Leo4all its a only distro working for me with no usb dvd problems.Its a 10.5.4 distro, then just get a modified .5 package, go Voodoo after this, update kext,install 950ea video driver(dont remember exact name, there is only 2 of them) and u have fully working 10.5.5 distro with no sound,cam and wifi.Got 10.5.6 working with every updates, but this is a little tricky.Let me know if u r still in project, will post more updates.Cheers
  14. Gigabyte T1028M As a Netbook Tablet Mac?

    Hi, got T1028 working with Leo4all 10.5.4 and did to .5 , just go with dafault option. Most important thing is you can have a touchscreen from http://home.eeti.com.tw/web20/eg/drivers.htm and its for free QE working also with 950 driver,but have problem with sound, system can see this as a hd out-with no sound anyway, was trying audieee way, no results, i am on voodo kernel as i know it. can anybody turn a light for me? a little... Ps. Cant update system to .6, will go thru and after restert will newer stop restarting, so fast so i cant even see whats is wrong with it, any ideas? just asking Thanks for such a great forum, and people around
  15. iTunes on AMD crashes...

    just have to remove AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext, solution on the forum. did a job for me cheers