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  1. ok so i am getting a new pci graphics card and i need to know if my powers supply can handle it its is evga 9600 pci what is the requirement for wattage on a pci card ?
  2. Rhapsody DR2

    i have installed nextstep 3.3 on vmware fine but the only reason i cant install this is because of the floppys by the way has anybody been able to get networking on nextstep in vmware?
  3. Rhapsody DR2

    sorry but your upload does not work at all for me what am i going to do with .fs floppy images their is no way for me to convert them what do i do? it was allot easyeir when it was on a pre installed vmware disk
  4. Introduce Yourself

    im johnyboy i am a avid mac user myself and i am not in collage yet but i am going to get a degree in computer science or international business i have a geo i know i should be proud of it too ive made a few programs and know c c++ and perl and thats about it unless you count basic and thats so easy to learn its not worth saying i know that.
  5. email me its jrguillett2@yahoo.com
  6. Rhapsody DR2

    I have a real copy of Rhapsody dr2 here is a link but i am not the one who is hosting it it includes drivers for vmware and iso files so you can burn them or use them to emulate it in vmware note that this is the x86 so dont try it on a mac i dont know where a ppc copy is i might find one somewhere. Ive tested it and it should install if you want a vmware image email me for a link also not hosted by me! Ive included 3 apps for Rhapsody they include fiend-a next step dock for rhapsody doom-do i need to explain this? tiny installer-a better installer for rhapsody really importent so you dont have to the terminal Here is a site for more apps too http://www.rhapsodyos.org/ Thats about it if you can find omni web for rhapsody or open up i will thank you greatly Fiend_2.0b2_PI_bs.tar.gz.tar RhapsoDoom_0.4_PI.b.tar.gz.tar tinyinstaller.m.i.bs.tar.gz.tar