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  1. Recommended WIFI card for 1005HA?

    i noticed for some reason that this kext works at my parents house (using WEP), but it does not work at my apartment (using WPA2). I have no option to change the security settings on my router =/ Anyone know why this might be happening? (possibly unsupported encryption?)
  2. Recommended WIFI card for 1005HA?

    Just changed back cards, and yeappers it works YAY!!!
  3. KP Log file?

    Every day, like once a day, I will get a Kernel Panic that requires me to reboot. I wan't to know if there is a log file somewhere that can tell me what is causing these Kernel Panics and if there is anything i could possibly do to fix this.
  4. I've seen guides where people have formatted their flash drive as OSX Extended through disk utility and just chose it as the installation disk from the installer. Have you tried that with your external? No guarantees that it would work (the adapter built into my external forbids it to be a boot device so i know it doesn't work for me), but I'm curious to know if it does. Also check out the emulation subforum
  5. If you havent already, you could chain loop ubuntu to one of your windows drives to free up a partition
  6. 1005HA Multitouch Trackpad for 10.6.3?

    Has anyone gotten this working yet? I have SL 10.6.3 installed with everything except the mutlitouch and clicking of the trackpad. Currently all i can do with the trackpad is move the mouse around the screen. I have to use to button for clicks, and i have no scrolling capabilities. I tried the VoodooPS2 kexts and couldnt get those working, so i was wondering what other people did if they ever got this working.
  7. Snow Leo 10.6.3 1005Ha

    Use this... jebus... http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=86834
  8. eee pc 1005ha running 10.6.5?

    Almost everything works off a fresh iAktos install for me. For wifi, I'm using a USB adaptor, Ethernet is detected, but does not quite connect right. And although graphics works flawlessly (on the netbook display), plugging a secondary display into the VGA out tends to greyscreen the primary display leaving it unusable (till reboot).. Of course, I'm sure the graphics is fixable. As far as battery life... without Speedstep, I'm getting about 6 hours (out of my 6 cell battery). When I had 10.6.1 with speedstep I could get upwards of 10 hours easy. I'm working on seeing if I can get speedstep working again
  9. I just got SL 10.6.3 installed on my EEEPC1005HA and i was looking to replace the wireless card. I was wondering if anyone knew what Half-Height PCI-E cards i could use. I know a large amount of people have been swapping for a dw1510. Does anyone know if a dw1397 would work as well? I'm kind of limited on my paypal funds (currently only have $14.52) and its too much of a hassle to get money into my account. I cant find the dw1510 anywhere for under $20 (with shipping). I did however, find the dw1397 for under $14 with free shipping. What other cards are out there? I don't mind looking myself for it, but I just want to make sure it works.
  10. I have the same sleepenabler KP as msimac... Unfourtinately I have no way to access a osx install to work around with the files, so im limited to using transmac via windows (i have yet to figure out how to mount my SL disk as RW via ubuntu). I tried using the updated sleepenabler kext, and i get the same KP... i also tried removing it all together and booting with -f (which still yielded a sleepenabler KP). I'm obviously forgetting to do something (updating something or clearing the caches? iono) or I am not removing the right kext. Any Ideas?
  11. I havent really seen anything much on this searching around here, other than that the display factor scale feature may be a bit buggy. I'm running Snow Leopard (1.6.0) on my Asus EEEPC1005HA and using bluetooth DUN to access the web. I learned about the scale factor a few days ago and I love it. Only problem is, when i use the finder bar (or whatever the bar at the top of the screen is called) to connect to a bluetooth DUN device while my scale factor is less than 1, the "Connect to Bluetooth DUN" menu option starts rapidly growing in size (filling the whole screen). Is this something that is fixable? I know that the scale factor can be set on a per application basis, is there somewhere where i can set solely the bluetooth DUN to 1, and the rest of the system to something smaller? Are there any alternatives to this if this doesn't work? Edit: i guess this should have gone in post install. iono why the crazy redirects too me to the installation forums...
  12. Wireless - AR9280

    I was getting KPs with my 1005HA using any particular guide, but after a long while i got SL installed using steps 1-7 of this guide (mainly for the bootloader) http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/how-to-inst...-on-a-pc-t3137/ using the PCI-EFIv10 bootloader found here: http://cid-8b65993ef55cf014.skydrive.live....FI?view=details then i ended up starting on step 4 of this guide: http://www.hackint0sh.org/f213/84907.htm but... i only used the general extensions options from netbookinstaller (using netbook installer for a bootloader kept giving me KPs) Im not 100% sure on the ordering i used (installing bootloader or kexts first) but im not sure it matters.
  13. Wireless - AR9280

    This seems to be the offical thread on the AR928* wireless drivers... or at least as far as i can tell, I've spent hours looking across the internet to see if anyone else has made any progress on this, and this thread seems to have the most progress. I'm quite surprised by the amount of people that are trying with no avail to get this to work (or are begging/complaining because no one else has gotten it to work for them)... hopefully we can get support for these wireless cards, I'll be checking back here periodically as well as searching other places (though i highly doubt there will be a solution anywhere else before here).
  14. I got 1.5.5 on my 1005HA with IDeneb 1.3... everything went smoothly (except for the WAN/LAN that no one else has gotten to work). I was wondering if anyone got multi-touch working, the current kexts i have currently support only the single touch interface. Also, I had the battery working at one point with the acpibattery.kext, and i somehow messed it up with the voodoo kexts, any suggestions on how i can remove both of these to get a fresh copy of either one so that my battery meter will come back?