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  1. thanks for replying yes is a sata drive runing thourgh a usb converter and it get stuck on the darwin prompt giving me error messages, yes im using win xp and it recognizes the drive perfectly inside the OS, and no i havent partitioned the blank space in windows. i dont have access to another drive and i would like to install it through a usb thumb drive or usb HDD which i have but it seems that the only way to do it is if i have access to an intel mac which i dont, or is there another way to do this. EDIT: i finally got to install kalyway on my AAO through Leopard HD Install Helper but now got another problem, after i installed 10.5.3 i shut down my computer so i continue the installation later but when i turn it on it wont let me boot up into OSX anymore and it gives me a message saying: "no HFS partition found" i dunno what to do
  2. when i try to boot from the dvd drive it it gives me an error message sayong "EBIOS read error" i know theres a thead about it but it still doesnt give me a clear soultion because i have tryed all methods to solve it and no luck yet
  3. hi, i need to know what kind of dvd drive are u guys using to install this on the AA1 because i was using an desktop internal drive through a sata/usb adapter and it seems to work normally on windows but it gives me problems on the kalyway installation. i know theres nothing wrong with the drive because it loads the osx installation perfectly when plugged in directly through sata to my desktop pc.
  4. Xx-AMG-xX

    EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    ok i also have this ebios error and i cant take it anymore!!! im trying to boot kalyway into my acer aspire one using an dvd drive connected with a sata/usb connector since this netbook doesnt have an internal drive. just like probably most people here with this issue i have tryed burning the iso with every kind of software at different speeds and setting and no luck yet. the funny part is that if i plug in the same dvd drive directly with the sata cable to my desktop computer and i try to boot kalyway it loads perfectly so i know the problem is not the drive or the dvd, but how could i solve this since there is no other way to install osx into a netbook but through usb please help!!!!!!