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  1. Currently I have this: ASUS P5N-D Core2Duo GeForce 9600 GT 512MB Using USB LAN because mobo network doesn't work Using mobo sound, but only stereo, not 5.1 Aside form the bum onboard LAN, and gimp'd sound (which doesn't matter so much, as I only use 5.1 when I play games under Win7) everything works. I can use vanilla kernels, and can pull the trigger on Software Update without fear, though sometimes a few things need to be fixed after a major update. I had to reinstall my audio kexts after .7, but that's all. Though I'd really like to have it better than that. I, at one time, had one of the first Intel iMacs, and it was awesome. It really did "just work", and I want to get back there. I had gave it to my brother for complex reasons. I digress. I want to get as close to having the real deal as possible, and I'm willing to buy a new motherboard to do it. I have an LG775 Core2Duo right now, and 4GB of DDR2 memory. What motherboard should I buy to get as close to legit as possible. I don't want to have to fool around with patched sound drivers, or fight to get my lan working, or have to deal with IDE or USB drives. Currently I have to put an IDE DVD drive in my computer to boot the install DVD, and I have to install to either as USB HDD, or an IDE HDD, as this mobo's SATA doesn't work pre-boot, no matter what I try. What mobo can I buy that will have fully working SATA, sound, LAN, etc? I've also read about EFI-X, but I really don't get it. It doesn't really seem like it does much. Seems like an around-your-ass-to-get-to-your-elbow way to use an EFI loader, when Chameleon works fine.
  2. HotShot

    Window resizing...

    Look into an app called SIMBL. I'm not sure if it still works in Leopard, but for Panther and Tiger they had a generic plugin that let you resize from all edges. I don't think there's anyway to do it in OS X itself.
  3. HotShot

    nforceata phy connection failed

    I'm having this same problem. Did a slow burn help?
  4. HotShot

    nforce 750i SATA DVD / HDD

    I've also tried various settings in my BIOS that have to do with IDE extension and NVraid, or anything SATA related, nothing seems to change anything. Either it turns out the same or my SATA drives disappear completely. I'm trying to use Kallaway, but I have a legit copy of 10.5, and 10.4.something, and an actual Core2Duo iMac, if they can be used to help in some way. Is there any way around this?
  5. I'm using Kallaway 10.5.2 on an nforce 750i, which is pretty much a 650i with a different name, as far as I know. I can't get install to get past the initial text scroll. I've tried booting plain, "nforce", "nforce -v", "nforce -v -x", and "nforce cpus=1 -v -x", they all eventually end up at: AppleNForceATA: found 1 units AppleNForceATA: found 1 units AppleNForceATA: NVIDIA nForce MCP 51 Serial ATA by MeDevil (CMD 0x9f0, CTR 0xbf0, IRQ 23, BM 0xe000) AppleNForceATA: NVIDIA nForce MCP 51 Serial ATA by MeDevil (CMD 0x970, CTR 0xb70, IRQ 23, BM 0xe008) AppleNForceATA: warning: phy connection failed. status=0x00000000 AppleNForceATA: warning: phy connection failed. status=0x00000000 AppleNForceATA: found 0 units Still waiting for root device I've tried shuffling the SATA connectors around a bit on my mobo, but nothing changes, sometimes there are more copies of the above lines, or less, but it always stalls. I have no IDE drives of any kind connected. There is very little on Google that seems relevant, and the one thread I did find was in French. Anyone know of a fix?
  6. HotShot

    Should i get a mac?

    Don't forget the 360! I don't recommend a Mac Mini unless you're either a poor college kid or an old grandma. The iMac is a really nice computer, but the Mac Mini is too slow to be used for anything better than Safari and iTunes. You can use it as a media center, yeah, but not to play games, or Photoshop, or other, more hardcore tasks.
  7. HotShot

    Oni for Mac OS X

    I remember this game. A few of my friends came over to my house to download the demo, as I was the only kid in the area to have Cable, and not dial-up. I liked this game a lot back in the day. Maybe it was because I was using a real Mac back in the day, and good games were few and far between.
  8. HotShot


    This game has always been a hit at LAN parties of mine. Often because of it's small filesize and low system requirements. It's a mad-fun fps at less than 30mb. You get about 50 maps, both singleplayer and multiplayer, full internet/LAN play, and a built-in map editor like no other. What's even cooler is that even the map editor is multi-player. This is the only game that supports co-op map editing. The current PowerPC version works great under 10.4.3 with my Radeon 9600xt. Uses OpenGL, so make sure you have that available before you play. http://wouter.fov120.com/cube/
  9. Trust me, I've searched up and down this place. All I can find is people using Mousepose to semi-fix the flickering (not my problem) and people who mess up their OSX using some patch that kinda fixes the cursor problem, but borks QE. I need my QE and CI to keep working, and Mousepose never really fixed much of anything for me, so I'm still without a fix. Any ideas?
  10. Everytime I play Quake3, Cube, or any other fullscreen 3D game, my mouse cursor is all wonky. It's just a line of random cursor fragments that stretches all the way through the screen, making it very hard to do much of anything. I can deal with having minor tearing problems, but this is killing me.
  11. Setting a static IP didn't fix it, but it didn't harm it, either. I guess I'll just let it be, unless someone has any other suggestions. I'm not sure where my avatar came from. A friend of my sent it to me a few years back, and I've hung onto it ever since. It's always reminded me of SimCity as well, maybe that's where it came from.
  12. It's DHCP, but I have my router set to always give my MAC address the same IP. As far as OSX is concerned, it's pure DHCP. The grayed-out entries you see are leftovers from when I was trying to get my wireless card working.
  13. The only problem I have (aside from my sound, but that's another thread) is that my computer insists on making a new entry for my network card everytime I do anything in the network control section. I click "Apply Now" I get another entry. I leave and come back, I get another entry. I restart my computer, I get another entry. I'm up to about 40 of them now. They all say "PCI Ethernet". My internet works fine, so I guess it's not that big of a problem. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  14. HotShot

    Ralink RT2500 chipset PCI beta driver

    My card is recognized, but I can't get it to see any networks, and it doesn't show up under networking config as a wireless card, it shows up as "PCI Ethernet" or something similar. Ideas?
  15. HotShot

    Cannot Get Ac97 Soundcard To Work

    Anymore progress on this? Anyone with SiS onboard sound get it working?