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  1. Cocoa Tutorial

    I can't even seem to do the simpliest things. I have 1 label that contains "1.23". A 2nd label that has "4.56". I want to add the values together... and display the total in a 3rd label. > lblThree.text = (float)lblOne.text + (float)lblTwo.text; I'm stumped. Any help?
  2. Beginner here. I know I must be doing something right... because DID get this much working: 1st slider... when moved... shows a value in a label #1. 2nd slider... when moved... shows a value in label #2. But what would be the IBAction and IBOutlet syntax... if I tried to do this instead: When either of the 2 sliders are moved... values for BOTH sliders are shown in label #1. (Label #2 won't be needed at all.) I keep getting compile-time errors like: "first use not defined" for the sliders. Thanks.