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  1. Just got my hands on a Dell Poweredge T430 with a Xeon e5. Seems it's same chipset as the T20. I tried with an nVidia Quadro400 first... with PCIRootUID=1 Sierra installer gets quite far but reboots when the video is switched to full res and the installer is supposed to load. So I figured that video card is not suitable. Ordered a brand new nvidia 1050Ti card, but with it in place, i don't even get video for Clover to come up... screen is just blank... regardless which port i use... The built in video is not running any further than Clover... This issue is somewhat new to me... while having about 5 different machines with all kinds of chipsets and video cards running for years, I'm sort of stumped about what's going on here... Any ideas....? From what this thread says and how far you got on T20s, it should be possible to get this rig running... or not!?