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  1. /S/L/E vs /E/E vs EFI volume

    Ahhh thanks guys I was wondering where /Extra came from because I installed from the vanilla OS X disk. Empire EFI's "post-installation" myHack never works for me. I always need to use Empire EFI's disk to boot unless I manually install Chameleon. I'm on EP43-UD3L. Sometimes I can't boot with 8 GB of RAM without maxmem=4096, sometimes sound doesn't work, sometimes audio doesn't work. I just feel it's flaky sometimes but I'm slowly working out all the kinks. Love it!
  2. I'm confused about which kexts get loaded when. So I have a 200mb EFI Volume on the disk. I installed Chameleon manually and copied the Extra/ dir from / into it. I also have /System/Libraries/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions.. which gets loaded on boot? Do I delete Extra from / after moving it to the EFI volume? For some reason my EFI volume goes empty sometimes. Maybe it's how I'm mounting it.. does initializing the volume format it? Sometimes sound works but no video, sometimes video but no sound. I'm thinking /Extra is some sort of hack. My real mac doesn't have it.
  3. Please help. I first tried Kakewalk for the P45-UD3L (I have P35) and it would not load Snow Leopard. It goes to the blue screen and hangs there. I then tried Empire EFI. It loaded the disk and installed with no errors. Upon first boot (also with empire EFI) the PC automatically shuts down. It happens very very quickly but I was able to snap a picture of the error. I attached it. I went into single user mode and tried to run fsck -fy I get the following message: ** /dev/rdisk0s2 Can't initialize disk cache /dev/rdisk0s2 (hfs) EXITED WITH SIGNAL 8 Looks like it may be due to having 8 GB of RAM: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185847 I can boot if I use the options "-v maxmem=4096" in Empire EFI I don't have any IDE devices. How do I disable JMicron on this board? Onboard IDE controller is DISABLED in the bios
  4. Snow Leopard wont boot without retail disc?

    Might be a BIOS issue. Are your SATA drives set to AHCI?
  5. need to remove kext, how? please help

    Got it to work! I booted into single user mode and did it from there, and then restarted and booted without caches. With empire EFI you do this by pressing the DOWN key when the mac partition is highlighted.
  6. I installed myhack 1.1 and then 10.6.4. Everything works great at the moment except for the fact that the pc won't boot OS X without Empire EFI. I also installed the chameleon in the "Post-Installation" folder of Empire EFI. The one labeled "Use this if myhack doesn't work." I'm not sure what to do? I am dual booting Windows 7 and OS X and using EasyBCD on 7. EasyBCD shows both 7 and OS X. When I choose 7 it works. When I choose OS X, it loads the chameleon I have installed but when I choose to boot mac through that screen, the PC reboots. Another thing I noticed is the res in the chameleon I installed on disk is low compared to the video res of the chameleon screen on Empire EFI. I don't know what this means.
  7. I installed vanilla 10.6.3 using Empire EFI. It worked great except for video. I installed NV50Hal and now my PC is rebooting by itself before it shows the cursor (after the gray/apple screen.) How can I boot into OS X and remove the kext? I tried booting into a linux live CD and mounting the drive but being journaled it mounts as read-only. I tried -x but it doesn't work!
  8. I have Realtek onboard audio. When I install the correct kext (will get the name/version shortly) the sound works on reboot, and continues to work on subsequent boots, but if I clear the kextcache (removing Extensions.mkext) sound breaks and I need to install the kext again. Not sure what's up here?
  9. I am on 10.6.4 retail install, everything works great except wifi. I pulled IO80211 kext from 10.4.5 using Pacifist and updated Info.plist to add my device It is a PCI wifi card (AR5006) The device ID is 168:001b instead of 168:001c .. not sure why? anyway in airport prefs I can't "turn on" the airport. the button just does nothing. The wifi icon in the top bar has an X in it indicating it is OFF. I get no errors. I also have a USB wifi F5D7050 stick in case the PCI doesn't work but I would prefer if that works because it is Atheros. Thank you!
  10. Half Done?

    I feel exactly the same way. I started a similar thread called "I don't get it!" here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181164
  11. I understand why Windows users or people who've just tried Linux or who aren't comfortable on it might switch to OS X, but why would a Linux Geek switch to OS X? Is it stability? Reliability? Multimedia? Development tools? I've been using Linux for about 6 years, exclusively, and OS X for about 6 months. There are things I love about OS X, primarily the fact that flash works perfectly, and Spotlight (there are Linux alternatives to this), and seeing how many companies support Mac out of the box (MSN Messenger, for instance). But Linux seems so much more powerful and more efficient (for the user). OS X has little issues that make it completely unusable to somebody who has been using a Linux UI for over half a decade. You can't drag a window from anywhere like you can in Linux (if you hold ALT). You can't resize a window from anywhere except one corner edge. "Force quit" doesn't always kill an app. You need to open up a terminal and kill -9. Multiple desktops aren't a native feature, not that there's any problem with Spaces, but if I try to open my browser when it's already open in another workspace ("desktop"), I am brought back to that workspace, instead of having a new instance (or window) of the browser appear. It has small issues like this, that make it seem like it's lacking. I don't wanna sound anal but it's all the tiny issues like this that make me very frustrated when using OS X. There's no apt-get or any alternative (I think?). Apt-get is by far one of the most beneficial things I've used on any computer, period. There's nothing for developers on a Mac that's extraordinary compared to Linux. I'm no TextMate user (vim all the way), and MySQL and Rails are broken on OS X, at least by default. There are a few reasons I'd make the switch to OS X permanently. 1) adobe products, 2) Office (OO is OK...) 3) Flash works. reason #3 alone is probably enough. Am I missing something? I don't mean to bash anyone, and I definitely see myself being a regular mac user in the very near future, but as of now, I don't see the jump from Linux to Mac as being as big as it's hyped up to be.. or maybe it's only a big deal if you're not used to any of the fancy stuff OS X offers (which Linux does)?
  12. I have Linux on my main hard drive, and I got a new hard drive I'd like to put Leopard on, preferably GPT instead of MBR. My question is, I'd like to create two partitions, the first one for OS X and the second will be ext4 or JFS, and will be used mainly in Linux but i'd like to be able to use this partition in OS X as well. It will be used for storage. My question is, will Linux be able to detect and mount the ext4 partition on the 2nd HD if that HD uses GPT and this uses MBR? I don't think it should matter as long as the GPT disk has a legacy pseudo-MBR block which I think Disk Utility creates.. ?? what if that's not the case (I don't have access to Disk Utility at the moment)
  13. I burned retail dmg on my macbook using iDVD. It burned and verification passed. I burned boot132 to a DVD and after boot, I swap the DVD with retail and hit enter. Here's what happens.. It gives me a few Ebios errors, and then goes to the Apple loading screen (gray BG, spinning loading icon). This takes awhile but I figure it's a 7 gig file.. so that's ok. Then it shows the OS X background and a spinning beachball, and I can move the mouse around. But it just hangs here. Beachball keeps spinning but there's no disk activity and after about 15 mins of waiting I figure it's not gonna work. If I wait long enough I think I hear the HD stop spinning, but I don't think that's relevant. At first I thought OK, Ebios error.. just reburn it on another OS using slowest speed.. but the DVD boots fine on my macbook. It doesn't take long to boot, and I make it to the installer (and probably beyond, I haven't tried). I'm on EP45-DS3L (F9) and I burned boot132 dmg with NO kexts or anything. Just burned the vanilla iso.. my video card is 8600 GT, and cpu is quad 6600.. please help!
  14. I've tried NVinject, NVkush, Natit, many NVCAPs including NVCAPs and entire kexts of people who have the same video card but have gotten it to work. I can't get dual screen to work. Both screens turn on with the PC, but my primary screen (Samsung LCD, DVI) turns off after OS X gets to the desktop. The other monitor is a CRT and originally VGA but has a VGA->DVI adapter, so basically dual DVI. If I plug the LCD monitor in alone, it works perfectly also, but I can't get both to work. I noticed that if I check kextstat, I don't see NVkush/NVinject being loaded on boot. Basically I'm not sure if the proper drivers are being loaded.. how can I check? NVDAResman.kext always gets loaded.. if I unload it, my working monitor loses its signal. Using kextload NVkush after I've booted doesn't make a difference. I'm using Kalyway 10.5.2.. but will move to retail as soon as I get dual screen working here. Everything else in OS X works perfectly.. just need to iron out this small bit. Thanks!