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  1. ATI RADEON HD3450 AGP on ideneb 10.5.6 Leopard

    I need help with this too. My card shows 256MB instead of 512MB & it is software accerlerated. Can anyone with an HD series AGP card show how to get it working? please help. Thanks
  2. Will my compute run OS X?

    You need to have Jumper Pins on both the devices Preferably connect the HDD to Primary Master & DVD Drive to secondary Master (if you have those ports) & set both the drives to master. Press F8 & enter these commands cpus=1 -v The above command has to be used to boot from Pentium 4 systems Hope this helps Regards,
  3. Will my compute run OS X?

    Most of Your system components are supported. Preferably use a Distro like iATKOSv7
  4. D865GLC/Pentuim4 SL 10.6.3DVD

    I was able to install & boot on my D865GBF mobo. use these commands cpus=1 -v arch=i386 for safe mode add a -x in the end. I used Hazard's 10.6.1_10.6.2 DVD. Do give it a try. Can you guide me through the installation for Leopard. I am currently downloading iATKOSv7 10.5.7 I need to know what kexts to use during installation( I have no Idea what to use except few Drivers which I know) My current specs Intel D865GBF mobo (mPGA 478 socket) Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz processor with HT 1280MB DDR RAM 400Mhz RTL8139 lan card ATi HD3650 AGP SoundMAX AD1985 audio 2 IDE DVD Drives 1 IDE 40GB Maxtor( for OS X) 1 SATA 1TB Hitachi for Storage. PS/2 Keyboard USB mouse. Please help Thanks & regards.
  5. Kernel Panic on Install - Need Help

    Try with cpus=1 Who knows it might work too.
  6. Leopard install on socket 478 Motherboard

    If you are interested in Snow Leo then Try Hazard 10.6.1~10.6.2 DVD Most of the stuff seems to work fine with my 478 setup. with a few hiccups here or there.
  7. This is my System specs Intel Pentium 4+ Intel D865GBF mobo. 2x512MB RAM Ati HD3650 AGP Graphics card 40GB Maxtor IDE drive (Snow leo) 1TB Hitachi SATA (storage running in IDE mode) USB mouse PS2 Keyboard Realtek RTL 8139 I am using Hazard Snow Leo 10.6.1_10.6.2 I am getting Kernel panics when booting with Mobdin kernel & legacy kernel 10.6.0 Please help me. Kindly Guide me through what options to use for successfuly installing snow leo
  8. Gateway LT2104U Netbook

    How to Boot the iATKOS from pendrive? My Wifi adapter is Atheros AR5B95 not Atheros AR5B93. Will that make a difference? Were you able to get Wifi and ethernet working?
  9. Can anyone write a guide to install Snow leopard on a P4 (32bit).
  10. Snow leo on a pre core

    I dont have a Hackintosh. But is it possible to boot using an IDE Optical drive.
  11. Has anyone tried the Build: 10A432 "Golden Master" RELEASE on a Pre core. I have a Pentium 4 32bit with 3 GB DDR RAM, 1TB WD Green HDD, 2 IDE optical Drives, SoundMAX 1985 on board audio and ATi 3650 AGP 512 MB DDR2 Device ID(0x9596) Please give a guide on how to go about it. Thanks
  12. Anybody Tried this on a Pre core machine I have a Pentium 4 with 1TB WD HDD and 2 IDE DVD Drives. Please Reply
  13. Hi, My specs Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.0Ghz SSE2,SSE3,HT supported Intel D865GBF Motherboard ICH5 SoundMax AD1985 2x512 GB RAM DDR 400 Dual Channel MODE D-Link DFE 538TX Lan Card IDE DVDROM LITE-ON IDE DVDRW LITE-ON IDE 80GB SAMSUNG Hard Disk Sapphire HD3650 AGP DDR2 512MB Graphics Card I tried AtKOSv7 but it gave me a kernel panic during boot. Please someone help me. Is it possible to use some other kernel for boot purposes
  14. Hey. I am Using Atkos v7 and all I get is a Kernel Panic. Please help me
  15. Did you try Leopard. Please tell me. My specs are System Manufacturer/Model Number Assembled PC CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.00Ghz with HT Motherboard Intel Original D865GBF Memory 2x512 MB DDR 400Mhz Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD3650 AGP 512 MB DDR2 Sound Card Integrated SoundMAX Digital Audio AD1985 Monitor(s) Displays SONY BRAVIA KLV-19T400A T-Series Screen Resolution 1920x1080p Hard Drives SAMSUNG 80GB IDE Optical Drives LITE-ON DVDRom and LITE-ON DVDRW any clue on how to get it working.