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  1. Darwin is dead.

    Here's a story of insanely great support... A few years back, I was working for a VAR that had a number of service contracts with local design firms. One of our clients brought in a blue and white Power Mac that was behaving bizarrely. Mind you, the company and all employees were Apple Service certified. We couldn't figure out what was causing the Mac's odd behavior. We blew the OS away and reinstalled, it still would hang and get strange bombs. Ordered new processor. No. New drives? No. New RAM? No. New power supply? Nope. Took everything out of the case: it wasn't the problem... We used up one of our VERY pricey support incidents. Apple suggested swapping the processor. We told them that we had already replaced EVERYTHING and were recommending the client return the unit to Apple for replacement. They absolutely REFUSED to repair or replace the machine. They kept demanding we repeatedly order and replace parts. And every actively used operating system is routinely updated for free. Nobody would use them if you had to pay for security updates and bug fixes. What?! There's know way OSX could go for $200? See www.apple.com/macosx... 5-client family pack: $199.00. NEW, not upgrade. Umm... Apple has never been known for being brightest pixel on the screen... Moving Aqua to the x86 platform is the brightest thing they've ever done, but tying it to a hash key in a secure flash chip pretty much cancels it out in my opinion. What a waste of an opportunity to get out of the cutthroat low-profit margin hardware manufacuring and support business. Look how many copies of Windows have been sold. Microsoft only has to worry about hardware support for their peripherals. And their support for their operating systems and applications is excellent. You can even get your money back for paid support if it turns out the problem is on their end. (Note this is not inviolable, but I have never been charged for issues that turned out to be Windows or Office bugs.)
  2. Darwin is dead.

    Microsoft doesn't write drivers for other companies. NVidia, Creative, ATI, etc write their own drivers using the DDK. They then have the option of paying to have MS certify them to be included with a windows build. Apple could do exactly the same. As for the ultimate configuration, look at the Intel 945GTP Media Edition board: 4 SATA ports, 1 IDE port, 1 Floppy port, 1 Centronics, 1 Serial, Sigmatel 9223 HD Audio, at least 3 1394 ports, 5 USB ports, GMA 950 video, 1 PCIE 16x, 3 PCIE 1x, 3 PCI Mac Mini: Same exact audio, chipset, video. Extra TPM chip that is only a copy protection key. Less of everything else. How is that the best configuration? Tiger at the store doesn't come with anything besides the OS. iLife only comes with a new Mac, or you must buy it. I hardly think OS X is woth twice as much as Windows XP. And as for stability, my XP installation NEVER crashes, even with a CL sound card and an NVidia video card, neither of which did Microsoft plan on me putting in my computer, let alone TELL me that was what I was going to get.
  3. Darwin is dead.

    Why wouldn't they sell OS X as stand-alone? How much do you think it cost to press a DVD compared to constructing a MB and case and assembling it? I will NOT by Apple's crappy underpowered Intel hardware. Why the HELL would they use 2 year old processors in their NEW computers? I bought my 3Ghz Pentium D almost a year ago. And where are the Intel Power Macs with expansions slots and stuff? What garbage hardware for such an elegantly designed user interface....
  4. Cmedia 8738

    The driver wouldn't load on my 10.4.6. I recompiled it under .6 Try this...CMI8738.zip