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  1. Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    Does anyone know if the HD5670 will work
  2. ATI HD5000 Series Cards

    I'm looking at buying a SAPPHIRE HD5670 card for my computer. This happens to be the same box that I have my hackintosh running on. I want to be able to run Final Cut if I use this card. So is Quartz supported by this card. If not, are there any driver solutions that will enable QE. I just don't want to spend $100 on this card and then not be able to use it in OSX
  3. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Can somebody provide me a link to USB drivers. I plug in my USB key and it doesnt mount. Is this a regular problem??
  4. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I GOT IT UP AND RUNNING!!! I went bsck to the readme for the Kalyway image, and the answer was in there. It has to do with entering single user mode and putting in some commands. Thanks for all your help
  5. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I modded my bios and reinstalled using Kalyway 10.5.2. It boots in safe mode, again. But when I try to boot regularly, i get a black screen with a pointer I can move around. If I switch the VGA ports, I get a blue screen with a pointer that is mostly transparent. Any suggestions? Maybe changing the kernel I boot with???
  6. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Just an update on my current situation: I got the iDeneb 1.3 working!! It currently only works in safe mode. When I boot it normally, it locks up on the blue screen. An open question for anybody out there: Where are the driver files stored on the install disk. Now that I can get into the OS I want to load up some drivers I missed. What directory are they in? Thanks
  7. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Ive tried to install with 3 different distros. I get a assortment of errors with iDeneb, depending on what drivers I select. Kalyway gave me a boot partition error and KaS just resets when it loads the kernel. I have not been able to get to the keyboard select screen at all. Does anybody have a list of what drivers I NEED to install to get the P5Q-E working with any of these 3 distros. I've been at this all night and I'm starting to get frustrated
  8. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    Can I use that distro with SATA devices (both DVD drive and HDD), because I have a few on hand and I'm going to try those? Does the iDeneb 1.3 come with the appropriate drivers for the P5Q-E, minus the PATA controller??? Thanks in advance
  9. OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I have a P5Q-E and have tried an install of iDeneb 1.3 to no avail. I dont know if maybe some of my stuff isnt compatible or im not installing the right drivers. Maybe somebody can point me in the right direction. My setup: ASUS P5Q-E Intel Core2Duo E8400 MSI GeForce 7600GS 512MB BTW, im doing the install on an PATA drive, if that changes anything. Any help is appreciated! EDIT: Got ahold of a SATA drive, will try install on that.