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    HFS+ format error

    Well I have been using the same partition(20GB) and just formatting it to different types to try it. I format it in the kalyway/Mac disk utility.. Im afraid to reformat my entire HDD because then I have to reinstall everything.
  2. mynamesafad

    HFS+ format error

    I have tried to install Mac OS X 10.5.2 on my new HP HDX a couple times now and everytime it comes up with an error at the end. It says HFS+ Format error or something like that. The installation says successful. but when it boots up it shows a black screen with that on it. And I have tried to install it on the following formats: Mac os extended(journaled) - this is the one I have tried multiple times Mac os extended - once Fat32 - once And i think my system should be able to take it: 16" screen 320GB HDD 3GB DDR2 Nvidia Geforce 9600 w/ 512DDR3 blu ray drive w/ DVD r/w & CD r/w Intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz (centrino 2) Any help would be great. Thanks! Joe