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  1. perceptiontwin

    Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    damn i got so excited when i started reading this post.. ive been trying to get osx86 installed for months. dont even have audio keyboard or touchpad working atm :-D and i have cables so not too much of a biggie.. hope someone can think of something.
  2. perceptiontwin

    ideneb leopard on lenovo sl500

    ive realised my chipset is the intel pm45. any ideas?
  3. sl500 here with similar specs again. ive tried kalyway, iatkos and ideneb. i deneb installs fine but hangs on first boot. core2duo 2.26 ghz intel pm45 chipset nvidia 9300gs 256mb intel 5100 wifi agn not sure of the sound card there must be somebody who can guide us through the customise process
  4. perceptiontwin

    ideneb leopard on lenovo sl500

    still not working.. what is the difference between the diff distros.?? will trying again with iatkos really help?
  5. perceptiontwin

    ideneb leopard on lenovo sl500

    i still having trouble with that iatkos version it all installs no trouble, but when booting now i get this screen http://www.majotphotography.com/TestingGro....5/DSC_4170.JPG but with the spinning flower thing at the bottom.. is there any patches i could need to do before burning the iso? OMG.. i dont believe i missed this bit.. but i forgot to do the customise.. my laptop is like this. core2duo 2.26ghz 2gb ram 160gb hdd 15.4inch lcd 256mb nvidia 9300gs Intel 5100wifi agn and bluetooth. what do i need to do in customise??
  6. perceptiontwin

    ideneb leopard on lenovo sl500

    so guys.. i have myself my first imac.. and now want to install leopard on my laptop.. its a lenovo sl500.. i followed this guide.. http://tgrounds.blogspot.com/2008/10/osx-l...1055-on-pc.html. using the ideneb 10.5.5 install and i got through the install ok. but now after the restart, it jsut loads on the grey screen before i select the keyboard. what have i done wrong