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  1. Are there drivers for the speedtouch 121g?

    I'm trying to get an answer to that question also... Anyone????? It's been almost 2 years.... Still nothing????? Se7eN
  2. just check that link, and you will see just below the Broadcom link the Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers for Vista now tell me: DO I HAVE 2 WIRELESS CARD ON MY LAPTOP? Of course not! Obviously the Intel Wireless cards have components provided by Broadcom, that's why the need some codecs... This is my last response to this question... You should believe in whatever you want... Se7eN
  3. well... you are not sharp enough... In Windows Vista I have installed "Broadcom 802.11 Wireless". And i've tested that if i uninstall that my wireless card stops working... No matter what Intel drivers i install... latest or the provided by HP... I have a HP Pavilion dv6179ea... Check this link HP Pavilion dv6179ea in HP Website and tell me why is there a "Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista".... Who's bubble bursted now? Se7eN
  4. vjkevlar I'm not the kind of guy that uses believe... I use reason! So make several cups of coffe and start to work on what you claim!! This way you would shut up those who critesize you and help lots of others who are having that problem with Inter Wireless.... Go by attempts... you will find the correct combination of kests that make this wireless work.... One thing i now is that even on Windows this wireless cards need a Broadcom codec... so the solution must be on the right combination between Broadcom and Intel codecs... or kexts... Less talk and more work I'll be waiting for news from you soon Se7eN
  5. Wireless Network Card (Speedtouch ST121g)

    hi close to a year has passed.... so... any news on that driver??? i really need it now.... thanks