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  1. Thanks. I've decided to go ahead and put it up for sale this time around.
  2. I think I may keep some of the parts. How does $250 sound for the motherboard, processor, video card (x1600) and ram?
  3. I just have too many PCs lying around my house. I'd like to know what I can get for this machine: ASUS P5LD2 motherboard Pentium D (overclocked to 3.0-3.6ghz) 2GB RAM Sony 16x dvd burner ATI x1600PRO (or nvidia 8500gt or 7600gt, whichever will get me the most money) Thermaltake Tsunami case (going for $100 itself) AC Freezer 7 Pro 200GB SATA hard drive I have decided to sell the mobo (ASUS P5LD2), processor (Pentium D), 2GB RAM, and the video card (x1600) for $225 plus shipping
  4. EFI & Retail Hang - mDnsResponder

    I need help with the same thing. Mine hangs at: Jan 24 18:56:32 localhost mDNSResponder[25]: SetDomainSecrets: mDNSKeychainGetSecrets failed error 0 CFArrayRef 00000000 any tips? I had to boot with tohkernel -v. installed with mbr
  5. I have a Foxconn motherboard that has been barely used. I only took a peek at the BIOs and such, no OS installed. It goes for $76 at newegg, I'll sell for $50 OBO. For extra cash, I'll throw in a AMD Athlon 64 3200+. I was planning to build a computer for a friend of mine but he ended up buying a prebuilt so I had these parts lying around for a month or so. Also, I have 512MB of RAM that's compatible with the motherboard and a 430watt thermaltake PSUjust tell me the prices you are willing to pay and we'll talk
  6. Done

    Ah, bit too late. Amazon is going to take it back for a full refund. Sorry mate
  7. Done

    yup actually, i ordered it the night i ordered my MBP. got it today but I don't think I'll use all those extra features and returning doesnt seem like the best choice (emailed amazon.com to see if they'll give me a full refund, still waiting for a response).
  8. Done

    sorry, deal's gone!
  9. [Price Check] How much for this desktop?

    Hmm..that's pretty low . I'll just save up pennies and wait for core 2 duo's. sorry about that, yea, it has 1GB Ram but 1 80gb hdd and 1 40gb.
  10. I really want to get a Macbook, so I was wondering how much I you would be willing to pay for this setup: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream Black Case Pentium D overclocked to 3.8ghz ASUS P5LD2 Motherboard ATI Sapphire X1600PRO video card Wireless Internet adapter Artic Cooling PRO 7 CPU cooler Thermaltake Powersupply
  11. OSX and PS3

    Yea, that's what I thought too. But the site says the Cell is based of the PowerPC o.O
  12. OSX and PS3

    I've been following the PS3 since E3 05, and it seems awsome. I keep reading that the PS3 can support operating systems, like osx. what do you think about this? Since the PS3 has 7 something cores, it should be pretty darn powerful. I doubt Apple will let users install OSX so the hacker community has to come up with something new, I guess. Or do u think osx86 will run? sorry if this is in the wrong forum :/
  13. Also, looks like Mac Pros arent shipping until fall. LINK Seems to be good news!