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  1. I have the same question too, but for me candidates are the Acer, MSI Wind, or the Lenovo S10. A netbook for me would just be a secondary machine for trips or the couch so I'm not looking for storage or power. The 10" netbooks interest me more just for a slightly larger keyboard. I almost think I'm leaning towards the S10, but I keep going back and forth on this and can't make up my mind.
  2. Digital camera suggestion

    I'm looking for a new digital camera to replace my trusty Sony Cybershot. Problem is, I have a condition that gives me shaky hands... not bad, but it makes about 50% of the pictures I take under low light worthless. Does anyone have a suggestion of a nice small 10MP or so casual digital camera with good stabilization?
  3. I have both actually on all my Macs. Both are definitely preferable to the web player, but I tend to fire up SiriusMac much more often, simply because I find it's interface less obnoxious. StarPlayr has more features, but all I really use it for is for listening to music at work, so the important thing for me is an app that stays out of the way. What'd be really cool is if someone made a menubar Sirius player... or figured out how to integrate with iTunes.
  4. Free video converter to .wmv format?

    Thanks...that did it.
  5. I just got a 2 GB card for my HP IPAQ pocket PC. What I'd like to do is convert some TV I recorded in divx format to windows media format so it will play on the IPAQ so I can watch shows on the way to work. Any ideas? I'd prefer something free that runs on OS X, but if I have to run it in Windows I can...
  6. I can't seem to figure out how to create a public file share in 9a499 over AFP or SMB... there's no option for an "Everyone" user. Normally I'd use Sharepoints, but it doesn't do so well on Leopard. Any ideas?
  7. Adium on 9A499

    Yep... it's a bug and they (adium devs) know about it.