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  1. Hi! Sorry for my absence... I was really occupied with my work lately. Also I have installed a second Radeon HD4890 in CrossFire... But I'm really a noob about this... Now I can't boot Mac OS if CrossFire is enabled... I will try to find a way to solve this problem... But I don't have a lot of time to play with this... For now CrossFire is not as good as I thought... Graphics are choppy, slower and have a LOT of artifacts!!! If you need to access an HFS+ partition from windows, I suggest you to try MacDrive... This is what I'm using... And it work really well... I'm glad to see that you have found a solution for your dual boot. If you need anything just ask me!
  2. Its 32bit and 64bit... Megaupload don't display the whole description... Too much characters... Have you tried the "fixes BIOS"? http://www.osxcores.site50.net/
  3. Hi HarshaDS! I'm glad to see that I've been able to help you... I have done the Snow Leopard installtion guide as promised ! I wish that this one will be as good as the first one... If you have any other questions I'll be there. Don't be ashamed to do mistakes or to ask questions... I mainly learn what I know by doing LOTS of mistakes... I have followed OSx86 progression from the first release to the most recent... I began with a Pentium IV (1.4GHz, 1GB PC133 and GeForce FX5200)... This mean a lots of screwed installations... But now I'm glad to be able to share a little of this knowledge... Mac_OS_Snow_Leopard_Installation.doc
  4. Try to got to "Volumes/SnowLeopard/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration" and delete NetworkInterfaces.plist, then reboot... I had a problem of this kind with itunes... Network Ethernet connections are named "en2" and "en3" instead of "en0" and "en1"... I have found the solution there : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1811 ... You will probably have to open "System Preferences" -> "Network"-> [Location] , and create a new location to get the network connection back...
  5. LOL... Don't worry, I'm probably worst than you when its time to be focused... I don't think that EasyBCD is a good bootloader for Mac OS... The reason why is that Mac OS need a "Mac EFI emulator" to run properly on a PC... Real mac don't have a "BIOS", they use an EFI... This is THE main limitation that Apple made to restrict Mac OS to real Mac... (Other restrictions are mac specific hardwares... like Mac graphic card instead of a standard graphic card) I don't know really well how EFI is working but if you want to read about it here is a link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Firmware_Interface ... For now, I think there is only two bootloader that support PC_EFI (The PC version of Mac EFI)... Chameleon and Boot Think... I'm more familiar with Chameleon, but Boot Think seems also good. If you use Vista as your main OS, this shouldn't be a problem... You can set Chameleon to boot Vista by default... Also... I suggest you to take a look at the chameleon themes ! http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php?board=7.0 If you need help to install one of them, just ask me! If you can't find any apps for Mac OS, take a look at SerialSeeker & Serial Box... This could help you to fully "try" applications for an undetermined time... Considering that you WILL buy them if you like them! Sorry, but I'll have to report my next tutorial... But I PROMISE that I WILL do it within the next days...
  6. HI... I don't have a lot of time this morning because I'm going to work in less than an hour... But don't worry about the X-Fi audio... It works very well on my computer... Have you tried to install AppleHDA.kext on the zip file? Just drag AppleHDA.kext on Kext Helper and audio is supposed to work after a restart... If it don't work, what I suggest you to do is to open Kext Utility and enter your password, then restart... And if it still don't work... verify that the good audio inputs/outputs are selected in System Preferences/Sound... I have tried the Digital Out and the Line Out/Line In and they are working well on my computer... All the files needed to install Mac OS are on the zip file that I gave you... Have fun!
  7. It is OK to do SOME updates... Little updates like iTunes, QuickTime, Java, etc. are OK to install.... But not the "major" updates like the Mac OS X 10.5.8 update... After updating from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8, some OSx86 drivers will be replaced... And this could cause the system not to boot... About the partitioning, I think there is no problem running an application from a separate partition... I never had problems doing this under Mac OS... Personally I have two 1TB HDD (Seagate Baracuda 7200RPM 32MB) and I divided both of them in four partitions... HDD 1 {This hard-drive is for all OS... Its not rare that I have to reformat it because I mess with OS... But all the data is safe under the second hard-drive} - Vista (250GB) - Leopard (250GB) - Snow Leopard (250GB) - Ubuntu (250GB) {I have reserved it for Ubuntu but still never installed it} HDD 2 - Alpha (215GB) {I use it for movies, pictures, music, ebooks, etc} - Beta (215GB) {I use it for Application Installers (for Mac OS and Windows), for CD/DVD images (.iso .dmg) and for drivers backup} - Gamma (215GB) {I use it entirely for games... installers, saves, updates, etc...} - Delta (355GB) {Yeah, "D" for "Dump"... Thing that I may need someday but that I don't wan't to see... I think I will use this drive for Time Machine...} About the dual booting... Its not a necessity to swap the SATA cable... With Chameleon boot-loader you can select the booting partition... You can install the package named "Chameleon 2 RC3"... It's a GRAPHICAL boot-loader!!! So install it and give me news... If you want a Boot Camp theme for it just ask me, I have a good one... I'm sorry, but didn't had the time to write the tutorial about Snow Leopard, but I will try to write it as soon as possible... I'm really occupied with my job lately! (I'm a Laboratory Technician in a pharmacy) It would be great to take a beer in New York... I live in Quebec (yeah I usually speak French... This is why I don't write really well in English) so this could be a nice trip... I think its about 2h from where I live...
  8. All you need to install Mac OS Leopard is in this file (Guide and Drivers)... I will do the rest of the tutorial, for Snow Leopard tomorrow... Now I need some beer, friends and maybe pizza... You should be OK to install Leopard tonight if you already have iATKOS v7... Here the link to the file : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7D1Z1XQC or http://rapidshare.com/files/278848843/Maxi..._OSx86.zip.html Have a good night! Edit: I see that I have made a mistake... forget about the first step "Download my Zip file HERE".... I first had the idea to do the tutorial as a forum post then I changed of idea and put it in a .doc file... And also, the Bios is already in the zip file... but maybe it more safe to download it directly from the website....
  9. Not for me.... I'm running my E8400 @ 3,16GHz.
  10. OK... Tomorrow, I will write you a detailed guide on how to run Mac OS Leopard and Snow Leopard on your computer... For now, what I suggest you to do is downloading iATKOS v7 and buying a genuine DVD of Snow Leopard (it's only 35$CAD and you won't have to download it)... I also suggest you to download PC Wizard (HERE) to have a detailed view of your computer specifications... It's important to know what's inside your computer before installing Mac OS on it... Also... I suggest you to backup all your important data on another HDD/CD/DVD/SD Card... The install of Mac OS will erase your data on your HDD... But its worth it!!!
  11. I do currently run Snow Leopard with a ASUS Maxiumus II Formula... And everything seems to work, at least everything I need... Here are the files I have used : http://rapidshare.com/files/277513377/Maxi...ormula.zip.html or http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7V9CIWWZ Don't forget to use Kext Helper to install and Kext Utility to rebuild Extensions.mkext ! ------------------------------- For the installation I suggest you to wait until they make a boot-132 for Snow Leopard... Personally I have installed Mac OS 10.5.7 (iATKOS v7 release) then I have installed Snow Leopard from it... So here what to do: 1- Install the fixed BIOS for the Maximus II Formula (version 1901) (Look here: http://www.osxcores.site50.net/product-1.htm) 2-Boot the iATKOS v7 DVD then : a ) Create 2 partitions (one for 10.5 and one for 10.6) using GUID Partition Table (WARNING: Changing from MBR to GUID will erase all data on your disk) b ) Install Mac OS Leopard on the first partition 3- Install Chameleon 2 RC3 on the first partition (with 10.5) then on the second partition (with 10.6) 4- Install Snow Leopard (Retail version) on the partition reserved for it from System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg (On your Mac OS Install disk)... Don't install Rosetta, Printers drivers and languages support, etc if you don't need them... 5- Patch DSDT using DSDT Patcher GUI 6- Install manually the kext you need on /System/Library/Extensions/ 7- Delete /Extra/Extensions.mkext 8- Boot using -v -f An thats it! You may need other kexts... If you need help or more detailed instructions just ask me.! ;-)
  12. Maximus ii Formula hackintosh help needed

    I do currently run Snow Leopard with a ASUS Maxiumus II Formula... And everything seems to work, at least everything I need... Here are the files I have used : http://rapidshare.com/files/277513377/Maxi...ormula.zip.html or http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7V9CIWWZ Don't forget to use Kext Helper to install and Kext Utility to rebuild Extensions.mkext !
  13. There is a driver for the AD2000B under Snow Leopard... And it works VERY WELL... Look HERE... Even the digital out works pretty well... Snow_Leopard_AD2000b.zip
  14. Hi ! I have the same motherboard with a 1.7 GHz CPU (willamette), a GeForce FX5200 and 1Gb of RAM and the only way that I was able to install Leopard on it is with the JAS 10.5.4 distribution. I had to install these packages from the disc : "StageXNU" ; "Intel SSE2 SSE3 9.2.0 Sleep" ; "Intel-ICHx" ; "AC97Audio" ; "AppleIntelPIIXATA" ; "Intel ICH and PIIX Controller"... I also installed the "IOUSBFamily" and "System kext 10.5.2", but I don't know if its a necessity. And for my GeForce FX5200, I installed the Natit package from the JAS 10.4.8 distribution. I was able to install it and to boot on it. It also seems that the graphic card is working well (with QE/CI), but applications are really unstable... When I open "About This Mac" it crashes and I can't open iCal... It would be nice to find the solution to these problems, but at least I'm able to run Leopard on this old {censored}.... The best solution is to buy a new computer... If you build a computer yourself you can get a really good computer (dual/quad core) for less than 500$...
  15. Hi ! I've been running JAS 10.4.8 beta 2 with 10.4.10 update... Almost everything was working fine... I've tried other distributions but the only one that worked on my computer is the one from JAS. Now I'm trying to install the JAS 10.5.4 distribution. I'm able to install it and to boot on it but applications are crashing all the time and when I open "About this mac" it crash. My hardware is : Motherboard : Intel D845HV ( I think it doesn't support EFI ) RAM : 1Gb (PC133, 2x256Mb & 1x512Mb) CPU : 1.7 GHz (willamette I think...) ( fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm up pebs bts ) Graphic card : Geforce FX5200, 64Mb ( I installed the Natit package from JAS 10.4.8 and it seems to work fine ) Ethernet Adapter : 3COM 3C905B-TX HDD : Maxtor 160GB (Ultra-ATA) DVD Burner & DVD Reader & Floppy Drive & FireWire card (PCI card) So what I'm asking is what packages should I install ( I don't really understand what package does what ) and what could be the cause(s) of my problems and what is the limitations of my hardware? Thanx and sorry for my poor english....