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  1. MSN Messenger

    Hi All, I just a couple of weeks ago began using Mac. I think I have officially been Macced (I have an iPhone also ) Anyways, to cut to the chase, I had been using MSN Messenger on my normal PC based laptop, with a D-Link wireless AP, and everything was working fine. I am now using only the MacBook Pro, and am beginning to become frustrated with the 'performance' I have been recieving with MSN Messenger and MAC. I do not think this is a software issue though, as with bootcamp, and loading up Windows-7 x64, I have had the same problem. I am thinking this could be a hardware issue with the actual wireless card? I have not yet tried this using the cable as the network port is on the other side of the room to my desk. Anyways, MSN seems to become 'dead' after a few minutes, I have been trying to talk to my sister (who stays on the same campus as I), and our messages tend to get lost in cyberspace, all of a sudden MSN works again and we recieve each other's messages. My sister though has been able to talk to our mother without any glitches with the messages. The campus we stay on all uses the same internet connection (being shared with about another 1000 students.) I have only had this problem since using the MacBook Pro, and am wondering what to do about this? I have been at different locations on campus, using alternative wireless connections, and have had the same experience. I have the latest MSN Messenger for Mac, from Microsoft, and haven't tried any other 3rd party appz. Using the internet in general has been ok, so I do not know what the problem is, surely if it was my wireless NIC, my internet experience overall would degrade? Has anybody else experienced such a thing at all? Thanks, ChildOTK