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  1. TimeWalker75a & doix i have dell xps l502x i7 2630qm ram 6gb gt540 intel 3000 installed mavrics 10.9.1 ufi (modes bois captan kasar) clover i manged to install it and very things is working expet the graphics artficts so if you can help me i will be great full i am using doix dsdt (from efi folder ) but the config file not working with me i edited the original from clover setup
  2. i fix the 4 screen problem by editing config (dual link to 0) but graphics Artifacts and freezes and no sound so if any one can edit the config file for me i will be thankful now evry thing work exept sound i will try to build dsdt for my pc but i wont some help so any one will help??
  3. hi can any one help me with folder of efi for installtion usb and for booting i try many things but didn't success i try the lastet ver of clover it show 4 siplet screen and setup normally after rebooting i treid many thing but the same so if any have same pc can give us the (config) or the hol folder dell xps l502x i7 2630qm 6gb gt540 hdd 500 bois (a12 capitan KASAR with egle boot logo) and i don't have dsdt because i lost with my failure drive
  4. help with ml 10.8.4 on dell xps l502(solved)

    i start reading from 140 so confusing some changed the bios and some one tolking about eufi hdd
  5. help with ml 10.8.4 on dell xps l502(solved)

    its so confusing lot of pages can anyone tell me which kexts exactly to choose
  6. help with ml 10.8.4 on dell xps l502(solved)

    i am asking any one have dell xps 502 like main to share the kext so what tools you tolking about
  7. hi i have installed mountin lion 10.8.4 on my dell xps l502 see i7 2630qm 6 gb 1333 nvedia gt 540 display not ful hd 750 7200rpm hdd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so i installed with ##### 1,5.3 with this (-x graphicsenabler=no) and work fine and i get the ml desktop after that with same sicrept when i run #####(5.5.2) for drivers and chose drivers it says installation-failed at the end i got kernal panic (apple cpu intel power mangement) i reinstalled ml again befor that i had lion 10.7.5 on my labtop following that article http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/272645-guide-installing-lion-on-sandy-bridge-dell-xps-l502x/ and worked some kind fine but the dsdt and pack that worked for lion didnt work for mountin lion so if some one have it worked and can give the kext or dsdt or show me what to select ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- solved with (Lx02XMountainLion_V1.4) package (patched apple cpu power mangment) thanks to diox only one problem found screen glitch