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  1. VirtualBox and AMD Mountain Lion

    I was wondering if there is any way to install Mac OS X in VirtualBox on an AMD quad core PC. I really just need to get it booted to the installation process and would like to go from there. Any guides or tutorials would be helpful.
  2. I'm building an AMD Phenom based PC and I was wondering, how would I get Snow Leopard on it. I tried looking for an updated iDeneb release but didnt see anything. What hackintosh discs releases are out there for Snow Leopard? I have a Snow leopard retail disc image, but I'd have no idea what to do with it after I got it to boot and install. I would rather have a preloaded disc version with most of the stuff I'd need to get it on an AMD based PC. My main question is however, how do I get Snow Leopard on an AMD PC?
  3. audio In does not work

    You might consider a USB soundcard or USB headset that's natively support by Mac OS X http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=199756 worked out nice for me and I also have like 6 audio jacks that dont get recognized.
  4. (I run Mac OS X Leopard) If you're like me and just wanted to have some sound out of your nice headphones, but your soundcard doesnt have all that nice complex support to fully utilize the back and front ports of your computer, here's a solution. http://www.steelseries.com/int/products/au...ard/information Recently I bought one of these and decided to have a little fun with it. Didn't have audio and I heard some stuff flying around the forum about USB ports, so I thought "cool, if USB headphones work then this must work." So I tried it.. awesome. So if you need some audio and mic functions you can do this. buy the USB soundcard from a retailer and then plug it in your USB port. (they must be working USB ports of course that can detect stuff) Go to your sound settings.. select it for your output and mic. Test your audio and there you go. Simple. I've had success with this both playing sound and recording. Give it a try to those that have crappy or no sound card support. All you need is some working USBs and Leopard will automatically detect it.
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    What wallpaper are you using? link? Also; What wallpaper are you using? link?
  6. Monopoly: Apple vs Microsoft

    Do I get a "Get out of Jail" free card? (didnt even bother reading the topic) edit: now that I've actually read part of the topic I feel that it is quite pointless to contribute to this argument because there's lots of false information from both sides, which makes everything you read pointless. Bottom-line, monopoly or not, is that Apple is just as aggressive and corrupt as Microsoft, but Apple has a good PR department so people dont realise it behind those friendly commercials and glossy products. Also, there's nothing special about Macs in my opinion, only myths surrounding them that they're unique or better for graphics/production. All computers have advanced a great deal and PCs of all kinds have vicious industrial video cards, so there's little to no difference. Don't care about anyone's opinion who replies to this post.
  7. I went to the file you specified and the flag was already there... i noticed this a while back and was wondering why i still have to type -f... then of course i stopped it.. and just hit enter and it would boot.. so i dont have to type anything but I still have to stop it and hit Enter to boot... does anybody know what the problem with chameleon could be? Also I got these OSx86 tools and I think this program is pretty neat and has some interesting things in it. However, I dont really see anything that could help me besides the boot EFI installer maybe however I'm pretty sure my Chameleon install is fine and I feel the risk outweigh the benefits in that situation.
  8. When I wrote the topic post I was mainly asking about people just trying to give it a go and install it on a computer they already have. I kind of forgot about those who build machines specifically for doing that.. but yes, I'm also referring to the people who built computers for it as well. I just came here and gave it a whirl and after much inconvenience and slight frustration, I got it right and it was just by pure coincidence that all my hardware had drivers. I had this computer before Apple even started moving towards Intel. Also, I find that when people use the term Hackintosh, they are referring to a machine that was custom put together and can run Mac OS X. So in my eyes they are referring to the entire computer. However, I'm still interested in hearing peoples results and enjoy hearing everybody's opinion on the subject.
  9. I want to know... out of everybody who comes to this site.. how many do you think are successful in getting Mac OS X to work and fully set up? I'm one of those people who are successful however I wonder how many are not because initially its pretty difficult, but now that I know what to do, it shouldn't be so hard from now on. plus, I was talking to some people and they also mentioned the term Hackintosh which, no offense, I find kind of ghetto lol then again I'm all into IT and {censored} (which means I load all kinds of OSes, which makes me feel that just because you can load an OS doesnt mean you rename the entire computer) but back to the question.. how many people do you think are successful? I say most probably fail.
  10. I'm curious to know... is there any way to make the chameleon bootloader boot with -f automatically so I dont have to stop it and then type it in manually.
  11. Did you install using one of the modified kernels? I found that to be key to a good and successful install besides the various fixes. If that doesnt work try booting with the -f -s -x -v parameters. there's also cpus=1 but i doubt that will fix it... but give those a try. if either doesnt work then I dont really know how to help you. If all else fails, select another video driver.
  12. How do I find out which Realtek audio card I have?

    Thanks for the drivers. I installed them with kext helper and they worked perfectly... I can now hear audio and I'm glad.. Line In doesnt seem to be working but that's a minor issue as I'm glad I can just hear things... question though... I originally tried a dump with linux and then patching the AppleHDA kext with that... if I patch the one with the driver... do you think that will fix some issues or only make it worse? I'm curious to know and thank you for your help.
  13. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    edit: Here is how to do a proper dump in linux in linux, open a terminal and type the following cat /proc/asound/card0/codec* > ~/Desktop/SoundcardPatch.txt Then look on the desktop for a file called SoundcardPatch.txt ..then transfer that to Mac OS X and drop it in the patcher note that this was made on a system with one soundcard.. if you have multiple cards you may have to do something else or name the specific one.
  14. How do I find out which Realtek audio card I have?

    Still doesnt tell me I tried something in one of the tutorials with Windows XP and it said go to device manager and look at the device IDs and all that... it said 0880 so I can only assume it's a ALC880 but I'm not sure and I need a sure method of knowing because I'd like to get the audio perfect. Anybody, have more recommendations? I really appreciate the help.
  15. I have a intel motherboard and it says "Inte High Definiteion Audio" on the box, when its a Realtek card in Windows and uses Realtek drivers... I'm having a hard time finding the real name of my audio card... I have a Intel D915PBL motherboard. Does anybody know how I could find out the real model of my sound card?