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  1. That case stinks! I bought it thinking it might be the best look-alike to a PowerMac but it definately isn't. It's SUPER noisy for one (it sounds like there's a hurricane going on in there), and that's not metal in the front, it's plastic painted silver. To make things worse, the plastic looks really cheap, like the plastic you get from those cheap CD players people buy at walmart. The slots in the back don't fit your cards correctly either, so you might just be better off modifying an actual G5 case. Somehow that case ended up in the back of my explorer, where it now just tumbles back and forth at every stop. That's one crappy case I tell ya'...
  2. azdude123

    Darwin Boot Screen: No USB Support?

    Well, at least thanks for giving it a shot. Yes... it's been enabled... as well as trying to disable to see if that would make a difference. I think I've made up my mind and blame it on the USB controller on the motherboard. I guess I could always buy a PS/2 keypad to take less space on the desk...
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    edit the booting choices in darwin?

    Well, you could set the Mac partition to be active (or the first to boot) rather than the Windows partition. It'll then use the Darwin bootloader rather than the Windows bootloader. I believe Darwin boots to the active partition by default. By using the Darwin bootloader first, rather than the Windows bootloader, it will default to the Mac OS, but still give you the option to choose Windows as your second choice. There was a post somewhere in the forum regarding a change using the "kernel flags" command, but that didn't seem to work. well, hope that helps with something...
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    Who's going to buy a MAC now?

    Well after being a former Mac user... switching over the Windows and getting a taste of Mac OS X, I'm really debating to get a ibook. The last OS I used from Apple was OS 8.1. At the time, it was MUCH better than Windows 98 (more stable, better interface), but got hooked on NT. Now that XP is out it's eh... it's not quite NT, but at least it's not Win9x. Mac OS still has the better interface and stability, but a LOT has changed. When I first ran OS X, I didn't recognize a lot of it. Now that it's on Darwin, it's a heck more advanced that it previously was. That made me interested in learning how to work with Darwin. Prices... you can get a cheap computer if you look well enough. I'm debating to get an ibook g3 700mhz... it's not the top of the line, but you can get it for around $330 bucks. Windows compatibility would be nice, to run the games, but Virtual PC might be "ok" if I can at least get a 200-300mhz equivalent PC. I'm debating to get that or a Dell Axim x51. I already have a VAIO ultraslim notebook, so it's not really that I need another notebook... it's just the hardware I would want. Well whatever the case, trying out OS X did make me want a Mac.
  5. Actually... if you did like the G5 case... there are a few wannabies. Look on newegg.com. Search through atx cases under aluminum or silver. I bought the cheap version case... I believe made by linkworld. The case really stinks. Looks... it's "ok", but it's VERY noisy and it looks cheap (like something from walmart). If you don't have that much money, that might be an option. Its a case with a power supply. Linkworld "G5" case If you have the money (I mean a lot of money), you could go for the Lian Li case which looks a lot better, and resembles the G5 a lot closer. (200 bucks without power supply) Lian Li case These are some cases the resemble macs, but if you just want something in the similar styling, I would highly suggest the Antec P150. I ended up with that one after making a mistake and purchasing the linkworld case. The p150 has an "ipod" look... just looks plain good. The plastics are made well, and is super silent (like a PC in standby mode). Be aware though, the power supply does seem to have issues with Asus motherboards (I believe with built in nvidia chipsets). I have a biostar mobo with a NVidia 6600 LE, and it works perfectly fine. So why do I know about these cases? Well, I wanted to built my PC with similar qualities of a Mac (not knowing Mac OS would run on pcs), so I ended up with that case, a westinghouse 19" widescreen (it was the most inexpensive and looks nice), an apple usb keyboard, and a wacom graphics tablet. My system looks very "Mac" like, minus the back of the monitor which is black... everything else is white and silver. Just make sure you understand your case well before you buy... no matter what's inside, you'll always be looking at that case (or hearing it in the case of the linkworld). good luck
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    Well, I'm not sure if this would answer part of your question... regarding the text at the boot sequence. I had my "Active" partition on the WINXP, using chain0 to load the MacOSX. Using that method, I had the same experience... just text... as if it was in safe mode. I switched my active partition over to the Darwin bootloader, and that brought the Apple logo at the begining and the graphic MacOS start up. I dunno if that helps...
  7. azdude123

    Darwin Boot Screen: No USB Support?

    Hello everyone! Well this has been driving me nuts for a while and I don't think this has been posted previously. I have MACOSX 10.4.4 dualbooting with Windows on different partitions. My problem is when I choose the Darwin boot loader, during the count down, my usb keyboard gets disabled. The keyboard works fine when I'm in the windows bootloading screen as well as the BIOS. The problem there is that darwin automatically chooses to go back to the Windows bootloader as default at the end of the count down. It seems the only way around this... and yes, this is odd... is to have another PS/2 keyboard connected at the same time. It seems the darwin bootloader does seem to like the PS/2 response when I hit it during the count down taking me to the selector. When it gets to selecting the OS, the USB keyboard works again. It's just during that countdown that USB gets disabled. I did try turning off USB Keyboard and mouse support in the BIOS but that did nothing. Of course, I've tried booting without a ps/2 keyboard (only the USB mouse and keyboard) but again, the darwin bootloader is unresponsive. I don't think it's an incompatibility with the USB keyboard being that it is an Apple Keyboard (same was happening with my other USB IBM Rapid Access Keyboard). I also tried using the code <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>rd=disk0s2</string> (0 being the drive, 2 being the partition) but it still defaulted to the Windows bootloader. I think I'm out of ideas... I also changed the active partitions, but still... no USB support on the countdown. Having 2 keyboards (and having to press a key) is tacky... I would like to get rid of that. Any ideas? thanks!